Friday, 31 August 2012

PuNo's Minis 1:12: Wow.... 500 Leser / Follower... das ist ein Blog-C...

PuNo's Minis 1:12: Wow.... 500 Leser / Follower... das ist ein Blog-C...: Wow... das ist ja toll...  mittlerweile habe ich  die Marke von  500 Lesern / Follower geknackt! Da muss ich ja wirklich mal viele...
I keep finding great give a ways, here's another one

Jazzi Minis: 200 Followers Giveaway!

Jazzi Minis: 200 Followers Giveaway!: Oh wow...200 followers! And would you believe it, my 200th follower is a fellow Aussie gal...welcome to Quanita...
another give a way, this one will be good, get your name down to have a chance to win

ever had one of those weeks

Hi All
welcome to my new followers, the numbers are creeping up, will have to do another give a way if they reach 200.
yes its been one of those weeks, at the start of the week I had good intentions of getting on with my minis, after I did my housework the time was going to be my own.
well first my new bed arrived, so that meant sorting that out, I then dropped a cup of coffee on my beige carpet, so that had to be cleaned. Finally I got into my work room. I pulled out a drawer to get some card and that broke, so I had to empty 4 drawers and mend the drawer, I had a pile of stuff all over my workroom, I could not move, never mind I thought tomorrow is another day.
the next day I started to put stuff back, but had a light bulb moment, lets sort out the drawers in to a more sensible arrangement, 2 hours later I was seeing progress, I pulled down a box that was full of bits and bobs to put something in and the bottom fell out and how is it when you drop something it goes all over, so that meant another thing to sort out.
another day tomorrow, finally Wednesday evening it was all back in order and looks a bit tidier, yesterday I had the day out with my dad, and now its Friday, where did the week go!! I think I should forget this week and start again

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Miniaturist's Workshop: Giveaway Time!

Miniaturist's Workshop: Giveaway Time!: GIVEAWAY TIME!! Morning my wonderful mini friends :) I have finally finished Krystelle's house and am feeling pretty happy with myself ...
finding some lovely give a ways today, check out this one

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jazzi Minis: Mini Jazzi Hostess Game

Jazzi Minis: Mini Jazzi Hostess Game: Where to next? Anna has announced on her blog today a game for everyone to join in. It is up to each Hostess to decide where to send Mi...

exciting news read all about it on here

LITTLETHINGS -MIKROPRAGMATAKIA- KLEINE SACHEN: August 27, Dear week over already!..Sc...

LITTLETHINGS -MIKROPRAGMATAKIA- KLEINE SACHEN: August 27, Dear week over already!..Sc...: 28.8.  seven votes up to now.../ sieben Stimmen bis jetzt : update on VOTING: it is already clear, that you all like secrets!!! :) keep c...

mini Jazzi is soon to be on the move, see whats happening and where should she go?

Monday, 27 August 2012

LITTLETHINGS -MIKROPRAGMATAKIA- KLEINE SACHEN: August 26th : Dear Diary..forgot to tell you, Cara...

LITTLETHINGS -MIKROPRAGMATAKIA- KLEINE SACHEN: August 26th : Dear Diary..forgot to tell you, Cara...: had been Nivea-time before "Take-off"...better be careful with the sun! :) Caramel must have thought......the more the better!!!! ...

Jazzi is having so much fun, check her adventures out, just click on the link above

so excited

Hi All
welcome to my new followers, my number is creeping up,  I must say a big thank you to you all for reading and commenting on my projects, I enjoy reading your comments and it makes me happy to see how much you enjoy what I do,

As you know I had a lazy weekend, it was great, gave my body time to rest, I have got a lot of fluid in my rt leg and foot, not very comfortable, I am waiting for more scan appointments, so when I see my consultant maybe she will sort it out. I am so glad I brought "the beast" that's what I now call my mobility scooter, it has enabled me to get about more and retain my Independence and as you have seen in the photos my dogs love riding on it too.

Why I am excited, my cousin had a garage sale I got a lovely little wall cabinet in pine, now you know I love shabby chic, so I hope this week to start working on it, not sure yet where it will go, but I will find some where. will show you a photo of before when I start it.

On to minis, I have decided on my next project, well my son suggested it, so I am busy researching and working out what I will need and how I will go about creating it, will tell you soon, I think this one will be one for the boys.

I am also going to do up some of my stash of furniture I still have, I have 2 big boxes full of mini furniture, some broken, some ok, my mission is to clear my stash, having sold a lot of my minis I also need to make some more to sell, this enables me to continue making my creations, eBay have a free listing weekend so i have had a clear out and put lots on there, that takes a lot of time.

Are you all following Mini Jazzi's trip around the world, she is in Greece for now, having a great time, will post the link so you can follow her, I cannot wait for her to visit me, I wonder what she will make of my part of England

Sunday, 26 August 2012

LITTLETHINGS -MIKROPRAGMATAKIA- KLEINE SACHEN: August 26: wonderful sea! Wunderbares Meer!

LITTLETHINGS -MIKROPRAGMATAKIA- KLEINE SACHEN: August 26: wonderful sea! Wunderbares Meer!: if you don't own a real one...make yourself a little sailing boat! :) wenn man kein richtiges eigenes Hat...baut man sich ein Segel-Schi...

Catch up with Mini jazzi, she is having so much fun

home life took over

Hi all
yes home life took over last week, I did not get much time to spend on my minis,
I had a day with my mum and dad, my friend came for the day, my doggies had their hair and nails cut, and Horror!! I had to do some house work, I took advantage of the hot weather and got all the bedding washed, how boring is this, also the garden needed tidying up.
Yesterday was spent taking photos for Ebay, it is free listing so had a clear out and I will be putting on my minis and loads of other items that I thought I wanted when I brought them but in reality they have lived in a cupboard and have never seen the time of day.
Roll on Monday, i can once again disappear into my work room and see what my imagination will invite me to make.
see you all soon.