Wednesday, 9 November 2011

busy busy

Today I was up early,felt very well, got housework done and shot into my workroom, I had an idea for my dress form that is in my bedroom, it no longer went with my style and decor, it needed a change. so looking through my stash of materials I found just what I wanted  I stripped the dress form of its dress and redressed, I was really pleased with the result,

Then I went on to stripping my pine unit that I am going to distress, this will then go into my kitchen.

I am really into making do and mending and before I throw anything away I always look to see what I could do with it, I also love going to car boots and junk shops for items to do up. I will pop on a few photos of stuff I have done for my house.

Now back to minis, I wanted a fireplace for my living room, the one I had was dark brown and had a large mirror, so I took the mirror off, repainted it, touched up with some gold paint and tiles, added a small cameo, taken from a old brooch,

after all that I did not have time to do any more, it was time to get tea, this evening I will be busy knitting my sons jumper, he is having that for Xmas

dress form before


my pine unit I am working on

fire place before

fire place after,in the living room waiting for the rest of furniture and wall lights

small cabinet I decorated

view inside

small 2 drawer  unit I decorated

little box


bread bin
all these items I have done ready for my kitchen redo

As you can see I do other thing besides miniatures, hope you like them,

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

welcome and thank youi

Really pleased to see I am attracting more followers, to think there are people out there that like to see what I am doing, so a big THANK YOU.

today I received my table, so I had to get into my work room and sort out the dining room, luckily I had all the bits to fill the room with, I was going to make the curtains before I set it out, but having the table I could not wait.

I have got some photos for you of some of the furniture and ornaments that I have been collecting for my Victorian house

started on the big kitchen today, we have removed the shelves and rubbed down all the wood work, well I say we I meant my son, kids do come in handy sometimes.

lets get on with the photos

I found these in a junk shop, painted them gold and now they are on the wall of the dining room

Don,t the table look good, still got the curtains to make

whatnot filled with tiny dickens character figures

this is going in the upstairs hall way

before I added the table

a lovely gothic style cabinet it has Rheuter vases inside

Monday, 7 November 2011

victorian kitchen taking shape.

today I had a good day, first at the clinic my blood result was better, still have to stay on the higher dose, but I felt more positive.

so full of excitement I rushed home to continue with my Victorian kitchen, made the trims for the window, shelving for around the walls, fitted in the cooker, put in the skirting board, everything was looking good, I then started to replace the furniture, I still need to get some saucepans and other bits, but I am really pleased with the effect so far.

Muppet the puppy was really curious at what I was doing and I could not resist putting her in the kitchen, its the only place she looks big.

heavens above have finally had to have the heating on, only for short periods but its getting cold brr brr

real quarry tiles

beginning to add the bits

cook glad to be getting back to her baking, the poor maid never seems to finish the washing up

Muppet the giant

overall view, can you see the tiny silver hedgehog under the kitchen sink

Sunday, 6 November 2011

could not resist

Here it is the famous table and chairs, I had to sit on my hands to stop myself going on eBay to see if I was winning, I was afraid if I looked and someone else was bidding I would enter a bidding war and get bidding fever, so after waiting I went and looked. I WON!!!! have paid and am now waiting for it to come, it will look great in my dining room,
It is so funny when I was telling my friend about it she said that I already had a table and chairs and I was very clever to of decorated my dining room by myself, I felt I had to explain I was talking in miniature,
here is the photo

look at the tiny castor's on the table feet,
apart from adding a crisp white tablecloth I will not be changing anything