Thursday, 25 June 2015

Hi all

can someone help, I had a X rated blog take over my list of blogs that I read and watch, it has gone, buy so have all my other blogs , I am talking about my dash board, I have tried everything to get it back and have had no luck, can anyone help?

it is causing me problems, I cannot see any comments or my favourite blogs.

So Help me please x

Thursday, 11 June 2015

on to the next level

Hi All

yes I am onto the next floor, this will be man's and ladies fashion. I will be making the clothes, that's my challenge, not made modern clothes before, actually not made many clothes at all.

this is how the ground floor is looking now its nearly finished.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

getting excited now

Hi all

yes I am excited, I am really motoring on with my big project, nearly got the men's side done.
I made a tie stand and fixed some ties to it, in the process of making a sock stand, this is just a bit of balsa wood painted black and I cut earring hooks to make hooks for the socks, so today's project is making socks, I have made some but as usual have put them in a safe place, so safe even I cannot find them!!. never mind they are easy to make, I just cut out sock shapes in felt and hook them on the stand.

I also had to put a picture of my Freebie in the morning's, this is what happen's when I get up, she stays in bed.

Please can anyone help, I have some how lost my page of the blog's I follow, the dash board, anyone know how I can get it back?

on to photos

my lazy Freebie

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

new designs

Hi All

Have I been busy? really getting into my shop now, ideas are flowing, I have a  book so that every time I get an idea I write it down so I do not forget it. Its not in any order and to the non miniaturist it would look like a load of nonsense, but not to me. 

I finished my counter for the men's side of the shop, filled it with designer jewellery and aftershaves, it is the same as the ladies counter just smaller.

I made some watches and aftershaves to sit on the top.

It will have a matching display unit, this will be filled with, wallets, hankies, ties, all sorts of men's accessories.

While I was making some wallets, I had a light bulb moment and quickly wrote down " man's toiletries bag" and a quick sketch, see how my little book comes in handy.

I carried on making man bag's, brief cases and wallets.

I then decided to attempt to make my toiletry bag, first I drew out a design on graph paper, and then tried it out on card, after i made a few adjustments I was happy with my design, so using thin leather I cut it out, added various pieces that a man would use.

you can see the result in the photo's along with my other bits I made, enjoy.

the men's counter

display unit for after shaves

my own design for a man's toiletry bag and contents.

Monday, 1 June 2015

I just had to try it

Hi All

Yes I just had to try it, what am I talking about? my counter and shop displays in the shop.

I am really pleased to how it is turning out, I have decided to put the handbag display on the next floor, it was too  much and looked  cluttered,  the opposite side is for men's accessories. I am in the process of making another counter, this will be slightly smaller than the ladies counter, and will contain men's designer aftershaves, watches and some jewellery. I hope to be putting a picture on for you to see tomorrow.

so for now, have a look at my ground floor, let me know what you think.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hi All

so much for my plan to make jewellery yesterday, it did not happen, spent most of the day sorting out the house, decorating is now finished, so its time to put everything in its place and return to some normality.

why is it when decorating is taking place do I become tea and sandwich lady?

Today all the pictures, units get put back on the walls and then a big sigh of relief decorating is over, I hate being upside down, but the finished result was worth it.

His next plan is to build me a small shed for my mobility scooter, that will make life easier for me, I will be able to just drive it out, looking forward to that.

I did manage to sneak into my workroom and make a make-up tester to sit on the counter, in-between tea making.

have a look

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Morning All

My home is still upside down, we decided since the house is in a mess why not decorate the hall as well, mind you I say we when I mean him,

Thank goodness I have my work room and I can shut myself away and work on my minis,
I am still working on the ground floor, I made some cosmetic displays and a small display for perfumes that will sit on the counter.

I have decided that the counter will have inside it, designer jewellery, so hope to start making them today.  

have a look at what I have made.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hi All

My home remains upside down, one bedroom decorated and another one started, will be glad when all the decorating is finished, I do not like living in chaos, strange though in my work room there is utter chaos and I do not mind, its like I am 2 different people, in my home I need to be tidy but in my work room its messy, untidy and utterly chaotic. Anyone else like this?

Anyway on to minis. I am now making perfumes, make-up, men's toiletries to fill up  my counter and some shelves I have made.

one side of the ground floor will be ladies accessories and the other side men's. I am debating about another counter, like the one I have just made but smaller for the men's side, will have to think about it.

got some pictures for you of some of the mini's I have made for the shop, plus one of my grandson Jack, he is growing so fast now, enjoy

I made this light using a light I already had and added beads to it

fur gillet and mns waistcaot

designer set

another set

Jack with my dog Muppet, can you see how tiny Muppet is, she is now 3yrs old!!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Its been a while, but I am back

Hi All

Yes its been a long time since I have been on my blog, sometimes life gets in the way and time goes by, before you know it weeks and months have passed. 
I have been dipping in and out of your blog's and have enjoyed reading them and keeping up with your projects.

I have had a few changes to my personal life, first I have now got a under active thyroid and angina, I also have really bad pitting oedema to my rt leg, I am waiting to see if with my circulation problem's, I can have a support stocking to help relieve it. Normally I just get on with life and cope with my condition but I must admit the fluid on my leg is causing me problem's and is having an effect on my life, but I still keep smiling and making my mini's.

Also my son has now moved out to go and live with his girlfriend, lovely for him, but he was my carer so that presented me with a little problem, problem solved, my friend is moving in and will be able to help me. 

I am having both bedrooms decorated, so my house is a bit upside down, hopefully by this weekend it will all be back to normal.

Well that's my personal bits over, so now lets talk about mini's.

I finally got my big house out of it's box, only a year after I got it, it is going to be a modern shop, with me making as much as possible myself. This will be a challenge and i will not be rushing it. 
The first job was to get it out of its box and give it a coat of paint, how boring that was, but got there, I will be decorating each floor as I build it.

The main colour will be white and I will be using furniture to give it colour, 

In the photos below you will see the ground floor on its way to being completed, I have changed the stairs, made 2 display units to go on the back wall, 2 displays and a counter. have a look, 
see you soon x

showing new stairs and wall units

I made both the displays,

designer handbags

designer jewellery

my big counter, made this from oddments of wood and perspex

one of the fur coats that I will be making for the ladies clothing floor

the ceiling of the frist floor, I wanted something different, so I painted this and incorporated lace within the design 

Friday, 27 February 2015

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Spring, Easter,Primitive hand dyed trim bag give-a...

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Spring, Easter,Primitive hand dyed trim bag give-a...: I have been busy once again dyeing trims. Lots of spring colors for this trim bag and of course we need to give a couple away! This a beaut...

Now this is a give a way I would love to win,check it out and see what I mean


Hi All

have not done as much as I wanted this week,real life keeps getting in the way. I had a nice day out with my dad, we went shopping, Blood tests, and taking my 3 doggies to vets for their yearly jabs. so you can see my week was busy.

I finished off my lady sets, These are going on ebay, I also stated painting little shoes,they are so fiddly and take a long time,you can only paint one little bit and then wait for that to dry, It usually takes me nearly a week to paint them.

I did make 3 hats, these were little straw hats that I decorated, I am making hats today,last night just before I went to bed, I decided to cut out some hat shapes and get them ready for me to decorate this morning. That is once I have done my housework, get the washing done and fed the dogs,

some photos

Dior sets

Channel sets

my hats

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Handbags at dawn

Hi All

Well my tablets are now starting to take effect and I have got my energy back and I am back to making minis.

I decided to make matching shoes to go with the handbags, I have got some plastic shoes,so I covered them with leather,I also made a pair from wood. they look all-right,but I do think I could do better, so   I am going to try and make some with modelling clay.

I made a set of Channel items, a hat with hat box, handbag with matching shoes and shoe box, vanity case full of goodies, all Channel of course.

Progress of the big shop,I have nearly  primed all  wood and I am hoping to get the rest painted this week, I really want to get it put together so I can start adapting it, Patient was never my strong point. 

anyway have a look at my photos