Friday, 7 December 2012

look what I got

Hi All

well all my presents are done, apart from my youngest son, he is so hard to but for, will find some thing so doubt, went out yesterday, I had not been round my junk shops for ages and I found a lovely, sweet RAT!! he is so cute, I want to make him a mini home, so that will be a new project for next year,

I imagine you are all busy with Christmas now, I know I am and apart form the odd little thing have not had a lot of time for minis, I make some of my Christmas presents, made a couple of key rings yesterday and started on a fabric reindeer, hope to finish that today.
I am also making some thing to go with my mum and dads Christmas present, which I cannot talk about or show as they keep an eye on my blog, but have taken pictures and will reveal after Christmas.

We are having very cold weather here, no snow but lots of rain and wind, so ideal weather for staying in,

anyway lets look at " Ratty " as I now call him

I present "Ratty"


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I do not advise this

Hi All

As you know I some times put my miniatures in the microwave to loosen the joints, well the other day I popped one in and forgot about the mirror in the back, as it happened it looks really good, but i do not advise it, have a look

Got my decorations up today, I made my tree decorations a few years ago and I love them,
I also got out my Santa's out, love them to


Prizes on the way

Hi All

Thank you Teressa and Isabel, have now got your addresses so will be posting today,
Not much happening here in my mini world,I had a day yesterday of cleaning out and tidying my work room, I said to myself be ruthless, get rid of lots, did it work? NO!! I had a very small bag of rubbish, every time I picked some thing up to throw away, I stopped and thought "this may be useful" so most of it it got put back, but I do now have a box full of mostly, maybe useful things.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Mijbil Creatures: Giveaway time! : )

Mijbil Creatures: Giveaway time! : ): I'm excited to announce the very first giveaway on Mijbil Creatures! : ) I want to celebrate both the presence of 200+ followers here...

be quick with this one, I love her mini creations and want one, have a look

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial Exchange - How to Make a Button Birdcage ...

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial Exchange - How to Make a Button Birdcage ...: Adorable ornament started with a little bird button Button Birdcage Tutorial at Shades of Tangerine Blog "It is now officially the...

This is not a give a way but a great little tutorial which I am sure will work with our minis

Dollshouse Daydreams: Too D##n Good!

Dollshouse Daydreams: Too D##n Good!: A couple of weeks ago I shared photos of my entry in DHMS's Fantasy Doll Dressing competition.  Well, the folks at DHMS have chosen the...

this is so generous, have a look, I have entered so why don't you

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #35

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #35: Happy Monday! Before I begin I forgot to mention a big THANK YOU to Linda from Linda's Minis ...I won a surprise giveaway whoot! Also, do...

Jazzi weekly link party, go on you know you want to

Dollhouse Miniatures By Felma: Merry Christmas Everyone! Santa Needs Help With December Give A Way!

Dollhouse Miniatures By Felma: Merry Christmas Everyone! Santa Needs Help With December Give A Way!

What a dress, What a give a way,  I so much want this one, so thought of not telling anyone so I had a better chance, but thought better of it, so enter and hope to win just like me,

Its Monday

Hi All
hope you all had a good weekend, it has turned very cold here so ideal weather for staying in and making minis, I begin to slow up a bit now, with Christmas coming real life tends to get in the way.

I will be putting my tree up this week, I used to collect Father Christmas,s and every year all my ornaments would be put away and Santa would come out, I had over 100, when I moved to my little bungalow I did have enough room so I down sized them, so now I only put special ones up, Will post a picture when I have done.

Got my usual routine blood tests today, my arms feel like pin cushions but I need to have them done, I have to have my clotting factor of my blood tested, my blood clots very quickly and this can be very dangerous, I found this out last year when I ended up in Intensive care unit with lungs full of clots, so my Warafin is my life line, without it I would be in big trouble, so whats a blood test against that, so I will smile and I even say thank you for putting a needle in me, Oh well these things have to be done.

Back to minis, I did say I go off some times and natter about other things, Yes its Monday and you know what I do on a Monday I take a trip around the web and find you great Give A Ways for you to enter.

Talking about Give a ways where are you Tressa and Isabel, you both won my give a way I need your addresses so I can send you your prize, later I will check where you are are and come find you,

so here I go off for give a ways