Saturday, 27 April 2013

its been a busy week

Hi All
I have had a busy week, first I had to visit my Doctor, it turned out that I have a chest infection, so came away with a course of antibiotics.

I got a letter from the hospital with an appointment to see the Consultant anaesthetist, what a lovely man, he apologised for the problems I had been having with my not happening operation, he went through all my problems and it was decided that it is to dangerous for me to have an general anaesthetic, so they will be doing nerve blocks with heavy sedation, he will write to my GP and explain exactly what he wants to do and how he wants to plan my warfarin control, he hopes that they will give me a date soon for my operation, but if I do not get a date in the next couple of weeks I will wait till after August as I have my sons graduation on the 1st of July and his wedding on the 31st August. so watch this space.
I came away feeling a lot more confident about my operation than I did before.

We also decided to replan the garden, I want it to be a bit more user friendly for me, I also had a hedge outside my kitchen window, so all I could see was hedge, so that is being taken down, not sure yet how I want it to look. Once it is cleared I will look at it and hopefully come up with a design.

I did manage to get some minis done, I had a nursery set, I had been looking at it for a while and so I bashed it and repainted it. I took a black metal pram, repainted it and covered it in navy leather, there is still a bit more to do, have put on some photos of my progress so far.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Finished music shop

Hi All
Yes it is finished, I think knowing that I had another appointment for my pre-op this week gave me the push I needed to get it finished,  This one was different to what I usually do, I did not have to make many items, the musical instruments have been purchased over time.

I did make the shop counter and the sound booth, plus some of the books and records,
I am very pleased with the final look, so grab a coffee and come and have a look

I covered the outside with the music paper and then cut out music notes


It may be back on

Hi All

Thank you for your lovely comments, I am pleased you like my work,
Now the news of the day, Yesterday I got a letter from the hospital, I have an appointment to see the Doctor at the hospital for a pre-op assessment, so if all goes to plan the operation should be the following week, fingers crossed.

I am still working on the outside of the music shop, I printed some large musical notes, I intend to use these on the outside of the shop, I hope to have photos for you all later.

Well the sun is shining and its a lovely day, maybe its starting to warm up, so off to hang out the washing and have a mini day, have a great day wherever you are