Saturday, 20 December 2014


Hi All

Yes I am talking about Christmas, How did  it get here so quick?

The last thing I was talking about was the Fair, unfortunately it did not go that well, despite all the leaflets,radio and local papers  not many turned up, so my sales were very few. It was not all bad, I put my miniatures on Ebay and sold the lot, my recycled grafts became with a little bit of change, hand made gifts for my family.

This month has been difficult, it is now a year since my darling mummy passed away, she now has a head stone and we all went together to lay flowers,  I still go to pick up the phone to call her.

On happier news, I thought I had at least 2 weeks to go for Christmas and so I decided to make my grandson a  cosy toes quilt for his pushchair, oops!! I started making it, thinking I would  have plenty of time and then someone said  its Christmas next week, so for the last few days I have been sewing like mad,finally got it finished last night, the only bit I cannot do, is to make the holes for the straps, I will do that when I can measure the pushchair.

Well it just leaves me to say to you, Have a very merry Christmas and a great New year, and of course to show you the photo's

cosy toes

my Christmas tree and all the pressies
My beautiful grandson Jack