Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy New year

Hi All
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got lots of lovely goodies, I did, and now soon it will be the start of a new year, I wonder what it will bring.

I have some new ideas for miniatures which I will be working on very soon, I am also going to go back to doing some craft work, I may have a new blog for this, not sure yet still thinking about it,

see you all in the new year


Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Hi All

Well we have one more sleep then its here

I wish all my friends in blog land A very Merry Christmas xx

Friday, 21 December 2012

Just had to show you this

Hi All
I know 2 posts in one day but had to show you a picture of my son, he is going to a Yule party, him and his friends are goths and here he is in all his gear, thankfully this time he did not bother  with his make up and black nail varnish, I do think he looks good, but then I am bias, see what you think



Hi All

Finally Teressa got her prize, the post some times is so slow, but that means I can show you what she won,
The end of the world should of happened today, but I am sitting here with the Internet, the telly on and people outside, so I assume it did not happen, or did it and I am on my own, let me know if you know different,
4 more sleeps to go

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Its nearly here

Hi All

Can you believe it, its nearly here, only 5 days to go, then its Christmas, is it me or does time go so quickly?
The tree is up, the presents are wrapped, just the food to buy, will not be buying to much food, Christmas day,
I am having a quieter Christmas this year, I usually have all the family round and cook a massive dinner, but this year my health has not been at its best so we will all descend on my mum and dad on Boxing day.
 I cannot wait for them to see their Christmas present, going to take a risk today, I will show you their present, they do not read my blog often only when I tell them to have a look at something, so think I will be safe.

I had their 2 dogs, Yorkshire terriers, bobby and Leo, made in miniature, by Bridget McCarty, she is in America and makes incredible miniature animals, I sent her a picture and I was amazed when I got them, I love them, so I made a small display for them to sit in, we have decided to give them the display first, watch how they try to say thank you and then tell them "you better have this to go with it" Bobby the eldest is 14 years old and his health is not so good, so I hope they do not get upset.

Off to the mini club today, its our Christmas dinner so we will not get anything done.

have a look at the photos

Bobby and Leo
The pictures are of my mum and dad, my brothers, me with my sons and the doggies

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Hi All
at last one of my give a ways as turned up, Isabel received hers so I can show you a picture, still waiting to hear from From Teressa, hope it turns up soon, so I can now show you a picture of what Isobel won,

Its getting very close to Christmas and I have just got my food shopping to do, hurrah,
my hall is now decorated and the bathroom is just waiting for a false blind and flooring, I want for the blind Cath Kidston material showing beach huts, when I did not want this it was every where, now every where I look its sold out, I am bidding on eBay for fabric showing boats, hope I get it, then I can make the blinds. the flooring can wait till after Christmas and I will find something in the sales. that's it then house done, next year I can concentrate on the garden, I need to make it user friendly for me, It has got more difficult for me to get about so I want a garden that does not need a lot of work, have got a few ideas, and have got a few pictures of really nice gardens, but it will all depend on funds.

here is the picture of Isobel's prize


Thursday, 13 December 2012

A question

Hi All

Isabel and Teressa has your parcel arrived yet? dare not put pictures of what you won on my give a way till you get them, but I have not heard anything, I know December is a big month for posting and parcels take a while, can you let me know please.

I am busy getting ready for Christmas, my hall is now decorated, it just needs pictures and coat rack put back, carpet cleaning and its done, bathroom till needs a few finishing bits, so cleaning today, oh how I love house work, no time for minis,


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Its Monday

Hi All
Yes its Monday, and I usually fly round the web and find you Give a ways, there are not many to be found,, I think everyone is busy with Christmas, I know I am, so I will begin my search again in the new year.

My bathroom is nearly finished, there are a few little bits left to do, I am looking for some nice fabric to make a half blind for the window, need to get a towel rail and a few other bits, will show you photos soon,

I must be mad, all this decorating before Christmas, as the hallway is being painted this week.

well better get dressed before he turns up

Another bargain

Hi All

As you all know I love anything vintage or shabby chic, so imagine how pleased I was when yesterday I found this in my junk shops, and it only cost me £3.00, not sure yet where it will live, its in my bedroom for now, I love it.

How are you all doing for Christmas, ready yet? I have got all my presents and they are wrapped and sitting under the tree, I have been working on mum and dad's secret present, cannot wait to show you.

And today, wait for it, Bathroom will be finished, yes I did say that, my friend is round today and finishing it, at last, this is a 3 day project that has now taken over 5 weeks, I find it hard to keep smiling, but I will make him his numerous cups of tea and let him get on with it.

Tomorrow my hall is being painted, its all go here.
have a look at my bargain


Friday, 7 December 2012

look what I got

Hi All

well all my presents are done, apart from my youngest son, he is so hard to but for, will find some thing so doubt, went out yesterday, I had not been round my junk shops for ages and I found a lovely, sweet RAT!! he is so cute, I want to make him a mini home, so that will be a new project for next year,

I imagine you are all busy with Christmas now, I know I am and apart form the odd little thing have not had a lot of time for minis, I make some of my Christmas presents, made a couple of key rings yesterday and started on a fabric reindeer, hope to finish that today.
I am also making some thing to go with my mum and dads Christmas present, which I cannot talk about or show as they keep an eye on my blog, but have taken pictures and will reveal after Christmas.

We are having very cold weather here, no snow but lots of rain and wind, so ideal weather for staying in,

anyway lets look at " Ratty " as I now call him

I present "Ratty"


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I do not advise this

Hi All

As you know I some times put my miniatures in the microwave to loosen the joints, well the other day I popped one in and forgot about the mirror in the back, as it happened it looks really good, but i do not advise it, have a look

Got my decorations up today, I made my tree decorations a few years ago and I love them,
I also got out my Santa's out, love them to


Prizes on the way

Hi All

Thank you Teressa and Isabel, have now got your addresses so will be posting today,
Not much happening here in my mini world,I had a day yesterday of cleaning out and tidying my work room, I said to myself be ruthless, get rid of lots, did it work? NO!! I had a very small bag of rubbish, every time I picked some thing up to throw away, I stopped and thought "this may be useful" so most of it it got put back, but I do now have a box full of mostly, maybe useful things.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Mijbil Creatures: Giveaway time! : )

Mijbil Creatures: Giveaway time! : ): I'm excited to announce the very first giveaway on Mijbil Creatures! : ) I want to celebrate both the presence of 200+ followers here...

be quick with this one, I love her mini creations and want one, have a look

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial Exchange - How to Make a Button Birdcage ...

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial Exchange - How to Make a Button Birdcage ...: Adorable ornament started with a little bird button Button Birdcage Tutorial at Shades of Tangerine Blog "It is now officially the...

This is not a give a way but a great little tutorial which I am sure will work with our minis

Dollshouse Daydreams: Too D##n Good!

Dollshouse Daydreams: Too D##n Good!: A couple of weeks ago I shared photos of my entry in DHMS's Fantasy Doll Dressing competition.  Well, the folks at DHMS have chosen the...

this is so generous, have a look, I have entered so why don't you

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #35

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #35: Happy Monday! Before I begin I forgot to mention a big THANK YOU to Linda from Linda's Minis ...I won a surprise giveaway whoot! Also, do...

Jazzi weekly link party, go on you know you want to

Dollhouse Miniatures By Felma: Merry Christmas Everyone! Santa Needs Help With December Give A Way!

Dollhouse Miniatures By Felma: Merry Christmas Everyone! Santa Needs Help With December Give A Way!

What a dress, What a give a way,  I so much want this one, so thought of not telling anyone so I had a better chance, but thought better of it, so enter and hope to win just like me,

Its Monday

Hi All
hope you all had a good weekend, it has turned very cold here so ideal weather for staying in and making minis, I begin to slow up a bit now, with Christmas coming real life tends to get in the way.

I will be putting my tree up this week, I used to collect Father Christmas,s and every year all my ornaments would be put away and Santa would come out, I had over 100, when I moved to my little bungalow I did have enough room so I down sized them, so now I only put special ones up, Will post a picture when I have done.

Got my usual routine blood tests today, my arms feel like pin cushions but I need to have them done, I have to have my clotting factor of my blood tested, my blood clots very quickly and this can be very dangerous, I found this out last year when I ended up in Intensive care unit with lungs full of clots, so my Warafin is my life line, without it I would be in big trouble, so whats a blood test against that, so I will smile and I even say thank you for putting a needle in me, Oh well these things have to be done.

Back to minis, I did say I go off some times and natter about other things, Yes its Monday and you know what I do on a Monday I take a trip around the web and find you great Give A Ways for you to enter.

Talking about Give a ways where are you Tressa and Isabel, you both won my give a way I need your addresses so I can send you your prize, later I will check where you are are and come find you,

so here I go off for give a ways

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Just had to show you this

Hi all
I know 2 posts in one day, but I just had to show you my modern bed, I also made 3 handbags, busy bee today

I was asked if I sell my work, the answer is yes, I usually sell on eBay, but if anyone is interested in any of my work just contact me.

Photo time


A Miniature Christmas: November Giveaway......

A Miniature Christmas: November Giveaway......: OK..... so here's the deal. My November giveaway is a kit to make this wonderfully seasonal book.....Nellie's Christmas Eve, which was ori...

I know its not Monday but had to let you know about this lovely give a way, why not have a lookk at her blog and enter the give a way

a bit upset

Hi All
pleased you liked the tutorial on shabby chic, most of my own house is in this style, has my son says, "better not stand still mum will shabby me" I am still waiting for my bathroom to be finished, my friend has more work and has this is paid work he has to take it, but it means I wait, my son is going to paint it today, its only a small room so he should be alright.

I was a bit angry this morning, i belong to many groups on face book, all to do with minis and I have my own group from where I sell my minis, I went on this morning and found my shabby chic desk had been copied, it was not exactly the same but it was my style, someone even commented thinking it was my work, now I do not mind being copied I always say " if they think my work is that good and they cannot think for themselves then good luck" but I draw a line when they then sell cheaper than me, beginning to think it is not a good idea to put my work on face book. moan over.

Yesterday I found some lovely material, so I am making a modern bed, yes Jazzi a modern bed, it was the materials fault, will show you later

Don't forget my give a way ends 1st December

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

How I do my shabby chic look

Hi All
Wow when did that happen, 200 followers, when I started this blog I never thought I would get one let alone 200, it makes me feel very good to know so many of you think my blog is interesting enough to have a browse and look at my work, many of you have given me a lot of encouragement and praise, I thank you all.

A little while ago someone asked me how I did my shabby chic look, so here it is,

Step 1

I first choose a piece of furniture that I want to change

This is the piece I chose, you need to remove all the fixtures, the handles usually come of quite easy, sometimes if it is a bigger piece with doors, I microwave, yes I did say microwave for a few seconds at a time, until the glue melts a bit and then it is easier to take apart, be careful with this, do not microwave any metal or glass objects, I only do a few seconds at a time, I find if I can take a bit to bits it helps with the painting, do remember how it goes together.
Step 2.
you now need to sand the piece all over, this helps to provide a key for your paint to stick do.
Step 3.
Choose your base colour, this is the colour you want to show through when finished. sometimes I will do a base colour of white if the piece is a dark colour, now paint it

step 4.
When dry I painted it white, you can choose any combination of colour,
Step 5.
When dry, take some sand paper and rub the piece, it should look more worn in areas which have the most use or where it could be knocked against, IE, legs, edges, tops,
If I am doing a bigger piece I put on a tiny bit of Vaseline on the areas where I want to show the worn look, this stops the paint sticking to that area,
you can decide what way you wish to do it, I suggest you experiment on smaller pieces or a scrap of wood first,

after sand papering/

Step 6,
put back the fittings, or change them to something else, and decorate
complete set
Mine I made ready for Christmas

Now thats how I make my shabby chic minis

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

have you entered

Hi All

A reminder about my mystery Give A Way, winner to be drawn on 1st December, just leave a comment, pop me on your blog if you have one and that's it.

I forget who asked but someone asked for a tutorial on shabby chic, I am now in the process of doing that for you, when I have finished will put it on here for you to see.

Staying in this week, it does not stop raining, my lawn is sodden, but I am lucky compared to those who are flooded and there still may be more,  hope every one stays safe.

Now on to minis, I finished my little wall unit, I added little bits to it, I also made a Christmas apron, oven gloves and tea towel, I popped items in the drawers and added a hanging rack for the little brass measuring cups. I think it came out good, today I am making a sideboard to go with it.

My bathroom is still not finished, bit fed up but as its a friend doing it and I am having to fit in between jobs its been difficult for him to find the time to come and finish it, but I have been told that Wednesday is looking good, I do hope so, I just want my bathroom back, next room to be decorated is the hallway, that's being done the 2nd December, have got to choose the paint, not sure yet what colour to have, something light. After that I can start to get my Christmas decorations out.

Well I had better show you the photos

close up of the shelving

Monday, 26 November 2012

Modernist Molly's Minis: Challenge 1: The Mini-Nut Challenge

Modernist Molly's Minis: Challenge 1: The Mini-Nut Challenge: Does anyone recognise the items in the photograph below? They are the little doohickeys that you pull out of the seal in the top of vinega...

found this one, just finish the sentence and enter the give a way

Honey, I shrunk the house!: Chantilly Lace / Giveaway Time!

Honey, I shrunk the house!: Chantilly Lace / Giveaway Time!: Last week a friend pointed out that I do a lot of remodeling on my houses. I thought of her when I busted out my half scale Chantilly from...

Scroll;; down to see this lovely Give a way, it is so sweet, I love the cat and the fish bowl, I've entered so why don't you

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #34

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #34: Welcome  to another Mini Link Party for fellow miniaturists everywhere!    Jazzi's Mini Link Party is to increase awareness of Miniaturist...

As usual I promote my friend Jazzi, why not join in her Monday link party, its a great way to get more people to see your blog, and its so easy to join, hope to see you there

Its Monday

Hi All

yes its Monday and time for me to run around the world and find you some Give a ways for you to enter

Don't forget my mystery Give a way, ends on 1st December, just make a comment and put me on your blog (if you have one) you can still enter if you do not have a blog, good luck

right my running shoes are on, off I go

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hi All

Just a quickie to show you my minis that I have finished, the desk still needs a chair, being painted as we speak, the cabinet came out very well, I found some old plaster Chinese figures, I had forgot I had them, so I put them in the unit, the drawer is full of cutlery and the cupboard has part of a dinner service, I think it came together very well.

In work room today, the weather is so bad so the ideal day to spend inside,
Have a look at the photos


Friday, 23 November 2012

still working

Hi All
yes I am still full of energy and working hard, I have sorted out the give a way, I am sure who ever wins will love it, I love surprises.

Yesterday I carried on with my miniatures, I put my unit back together, I have added a gold trim to it and I want to do something to the door fronts, not sure yet, will look at it this morning and see what I can do, after that I just need to dress it, I have some lovely ornaments that I may put in it, we will see.

I also finished my hall stand, I made a bag, hat and umbrella, I want to make a couple of handbags and maybe a coat to hang on the stand.

today I want to finish the desk and the little wall shelf,

any way have a look

the colour is sage green but it doesn't show in the picturs

Now I looked again at the hall stand I do not think it needs any thing more added to it, what do you think?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I've been busy

Hi All

Thank you for your lovely comments and welcome to my new followers, I hope you enjoy my blog, I sometimes ramble about every day things and often talk about my minis, so when you have a minute grab a coffee and have a read, feel free to make a comment, I love comments, I hope you have entered my surprise give a way, Its a great gift for the winner.

Do not know what happened yesterday, but I got so much done, it was like nothing was going to stop me getting stuff done.

I got my mums and dad's Christmas present yesterday, it came from America and I had it commissioned especially for them, I cannot show you as they sometimes read my blog, but after Christmas I will, I am so pleased with it,

I also got a lovely white unit in the post, it is very nice, but me being me could not leave it as it is, so I popped it into the microwave, yes I often cook my minis, this helps to melt the glue and makes it easier to pull apart, anyway it is now in bits and has had its first coat of paint, have got a photo to show you, will be finishing it today.

I also got on a made some tiny minis, these I use to put on my furniture, oh and I have finished painting some shabby chic furniture, and today will be dressing them. see told you I was busy. I hope I get as much done today,

well have a look at the photos to see what I have got up to

how it looked



Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hi All

so glad to see many of you entering my give a way, and thank you for your lovely comments.

I managed to get my bed set finished today, I have fell in love with the green colour I used, I may have to find some thing else to paint!!

I had good news about my bloods, my levels are ok again, so I am now back to 2 weekly blood tests with strict instructions that I am to call if I get any problems,

so here are the pictures



Monday, 19 November 2012

Honey, I shrunk the house!: Chantilly Lace / Giveaway Time!

Honey, I shrunk the house!: Chantilly Lace / Giveaway Time!: Last week a friend pointed out that I do a lot of remodeling on my houses. I thought of her when I busted out my half scale Chantilly from...

why not enter this one, but hurry time is running out

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #33

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #33: Welcome  to another Mini Link Party for fellow miniaturists everywhere!    Jazzi's Mini Link Party is to increase awareness of Miniaturist...

I start off with Jazzi's link party, why not join in, also news on Mini Jazzi, she is on her way to America,

It Monday

  Morning All

Glad to see you are leaving me your names for my Give a Way, I am working on it as we speak, I do hope the winner will be pleased.

So what have I been doing this weekend, well I finished my bits for the bathroom, really pleased how they came out, The painter was meant to come Saturday to finish my bathroom, but he did not come, now its today he is coming, we will see, he's a friend so its difficult  to moan when it is getting done for free. have patience Debbie!!

I ahve been asked to do a tutorial on how to shabby chic, so the next time I do this I will do a tutorial to show you how its done

 I have finished the nursery set, it came out ok,

I have my usual blood tests today, when I come back will be doing minis,

I must find out where Mini Jazzi is, I seem to of lost tract of her, when I find her will put a link on my blog,

Off now to find you some Give a Ways,

Here are the photos

cabinets for my bathroom

the nursery set


Saturday, 17 November 2012

so many comments

Hi All
wow so many comments, you all want to win, I have found you something  for the Give a Way, I am going to keep it as a surprise, so many of you liked the idea of not knowing what they could win, so you will all have to wait till the winner shows her prize. I know its a bit cruel, but adds to the fun I think.

In my mini world, I have done, wait for it -------------nothing, yes thats right nothing, the last 2 days I have been trying to get my items painted for my bathroom, the decorator is coming Sunday so I want them ready so they can be put on the walls, It is begining to look really good, cannot wait to show you pics.
My pine wall unit is the last thing to shabby chic, it has one more coat of paint to go then I can start to distress it.

I am undecided what to do about the shower curtain, my shower is over my bath and needs a double curtain to go round the bath, I have looked at the curtains that are availiable and have found nothing I like, I have found a pattern for making one so I may have to dust off the sewing maching and make my own.

well thats all for now, everyday life takes over today, you know the sort of thing, cleaning, washing, shopping, maybe I will be able to sneak a bit of minis in later

Friday, 16 November 2012

when did that happen and a give a Way

Hi All

when did that happen, I now have 190 followers, when I started this blog I never thought I would get 1 follower let alone 190, thank you to those who are new to my blog, I hope you are enjoying what you see and read.

I think I will have to do a give a way myself, so while I am sorting out something to give you, why not drop me a comment, the rules of the give a way are
1. be a follower of this blog
2. leave a comment
3. if possible put a link on your blog for me.
 Date of the draw will be ----------------------------------1st December, so hopefully you will get the prize before Christmas,
Good Luck

Sorry did not mean to mention Christmas, but it is creeping nearer, this year I have decided to have a quiet Christmas and stay at home, they can come to me. I have already got some of the presents, my sons who always struggle to know what to get my mum and dad, when I said what I had got them, ( cannot tell or show you as they read this) they both said can we come in with you, said yes, I had spent more than I meant to so their contribution will help, I promise to put on a photo after Christmas to show you what their present is, the only hint I can give you is it came from America and is something to do with miniatures.

well I am off now to sort out the Give a Way,


Thursday, 15 November 2012

pleased with this

Morning All

yes I am pleased, my bed set is coming on really well, I have used a sage green paint for the bed, trimmed with gold and I also added padding to the ends using the same material I used for the covers.

I am off to my dolls house club today, we mainly talk a lot, sometimes we even get some work done,

so here is the picture of the bed set so far


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

new work

Hi All

Yes i finally got some minis done, I decided to get on and finish work I had already started before starting anything new, I am desperate to start on my gypsy caravan,

I have been working on a nursery set, I finished the cot and cradle, as usual made them shabby chic, I am making a mobile to go on the cot, which is gluing as we speak, so today will be finishing that.

I also varnished my bathroom cabinets, they are looking good, I am now working on the pine wall unit, hopefully will get that painted today. My bathroom is coming on, we are at the painting stage, that should be done this weekend, I am trying to work out what kind of window covering I want, the way the shower is positioned it looks like I will have to have a blind, will wait till its all finished, to see what I think.

As for me, I am getting about much easier and do not seem to get as breathless as before, I am on new medication and that appears to be having an effect, I am ok as long as I take life at a slower pace and learn to listen to my body and rest when I need to. easier said than done.

well on to photos of work so far

I fell in love with this lovely material and had to use it, its a shame the photo does not do it justice, I have more to do and I am making a bed for it to go on.