Saturday, 8 October 2011

fencing nearly done

once the paint finally dried, I could carry on constructing the fencing, once I put the fence together, I then decided to make it stand in a long flower box, so armed with my balsa wood, I set about making it, then it was back to painting and waiting for it to dry,
I thought what I could do was to fill the the flower box with soil and flowers, I think that will look good, so that's the next stage,
how is it that every time I start something I have an idea in my head but as I go along I add more and more I never seem to finish a project as I can always think of more to add.

Laugh of the week I spend a long time cutting out and making the decorations to the top of the roof, even put a picture for you all to see, then not once but twice it was pointed out to me that a pyramid has 4 sides not 3, oh buggar, will have to make them again,

Well I had better let you see the photos so you can see my progress,

this will be filled with flowers

Thursday, 6 October 2011


I have started to design my fencing, I am going to make a  wrought iron fence, so I looked in my stash and found some bits I could use.  I am using some little sticks with heads on and kebab sticks, after measuring out and cutting the lengths I then painted them black, it is easier to paint first before gluing, how boring it is waiting for paint to dry, bored very much now.

now what did I do,
I planted fruit trees, real ones, my son for my birthday had ordered me some trees for my garden, I got, pear, apple, plum and cherry, so my son helped me, I now have a little orchard.

paint still wet

attacked pile of ironing, watched a bit of tv, guess what paint still wet.
have given up now, have shut the door on my work room and will start again tomorrow,

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I have lights and a roof

In between looking after the new puppy, Muppet, and house work I managed to get some more work done,

It took me a long time to decide what I could do with the flat roof with the added complication that it lifts up, I finally decided to make 3 triangles, 1 big, 2 small, decorate them and put them on the roof, this also helped with hiding the wires for the lights.
I also covered the roof in paper and painted it, the triangles were made from thick card, I painted them yellow and added gold trims, I also fitted the lights, (forgot to take picture of these will do it tomorrow), anyway I think it looks pretty good, now I am looking for a name, thinking about, "Jewell of the Nile" what do you think, ideas please.
I now want to make fencing and a gate, hopefully will get a chance tomorrow.

As for the puppy, what a little charmer she is, full of mischief, in to everything, fearless, attacks my other dog, hides toys, get the picture, it is just like having a baby in the house.
had to pop on another picture, I am like a proud new mum, sad i know
so here come the pictures

Sunday, 2 October 2011

I have done some gardening

I am back doing my minis, it done me a lot of good to rest last week, I am going to now stop pushing myself every day and take time out to rest, and hopefully I will be able to do more, I spoke to my GP and there is nothing more she can give me but has referred me to Physio to see if acupuncture may help, we will see, anyway enough of my troubles,
Our little puppy has been keeping us amused, she seems like she will be a character, we have to watch where we walk as she runs the risk of being stood on, and I am glad to say Freebie, my other dog has taken to her and is already playing with her.
So on to my Egyptian shop, this weekend, despite the heat I did manage to get some more done, I put plastic panes in the windows, I have placed sandpaper on the roof top, I have this idea of putting little gold coloured pyramids on the top, will look at it for a while and see what I think.
I then started on the garden, I painted the window boxes gold, and they are now in place on the windows, on the front I have laid some garden slabs, and grass, added pots of flowers and a seat, I think that will be enough, I might make a fence and gate, again we wait to see what I feel. well that's enough for today, see the pictures below.

do you think Ineed to add fencing and a gate?