Saturday, 30 March 2013

got something to show you

Hi all

Happy Easter

Do you know the hardest thing I have when writing my blog, is coming up with a title for my post, silly I know, but sometimes I just cannot think  what to put.

Anyway, I did manage to get into my work room yesterday and I finished off 2 of my bashed minis, I just need to dress them.

Have a look

I gave this a distressed look, it has shades of yellow peeping through, I removed the glass and replaced it with wire, added pretty paper to back, drawers and cupboards 

Friday, 29 March 2013

back again

Hi All

do any of you keep getting comments from "Anonymous" they all seem to indicate some kind of advertising, I have tried to find out where they are coming from so I can delete them, but so far no luck, so I just keep deleting the messages.

Just to let everyone know I love your comments and they mean a lot that you take the time to write to me, but I will not answer or publish any comments from anonymous,

anyone else having this problem


Hi All
just had a query about my miniature for sale page, there are no pictures on here, this is because a while ago I had problems with uploading pictures and some of my pictures were removed, I will get round to again to filling this page, in the meantime if anyone is interested in buying any of my miniatures, please contact me, they are all for sale

Do you know how far a jar of coffee will spread?

Hi All

No it is not a quiz, yesterday, I was full of good intentions, the bits I had painted were dry and were calling me to finish them, I quickly tidied round, put the kettle on to make my coffee, then it happened, the coffee jar slipped from my fingers and bang, hit the floor, I never knew it contained that much coffee, it took me well over an hour to clean it all up, mind you the house had a lovely smell of coffee about it.

I did manage to finish one piece, I went modern, yes my friends I went modern, do not think I will stay modern but it was fun.

I had an old desk that was looking very tatty, so I took the top part off, made a new shelf, I painted it battleship grey and then a top coat of silver, I added a think sheet of silver to the top, drawers and shelf, quietly pleased with this, I have computer and bits to go on it, so hope to get it dressed today.

I do intend to get into my work room and finish what I have started.

my modern desk

Thursday, 28 March 2013

So Excited

Hi All

I know 2 posts in one day, but was so excited I had to tell you

I have won a give a way from Carmen, I cannot remember what the give a way prize was, so will be looking forward to seeing what I get.

Hi All

Hi All.

Thank you all for your good wishes, I am now on antibiotics and beginning to feel a lot better,

I had my pre-op Tuesday and it went well, I had lung function tests, ECG, bloods, weighed and height done, then she shoved cotton buds in my nose and mouth, I think I passed, so as long as I stay ok I will have my op to my rt. shoulder to repair torn tendons on the 10th April. I am glad, I have waited over a year for this, it will mean I will not be able to do much in the way of minis for a while.
I have been collecting dolls house magazines to read, I have also got myself some Aida fabric so I can do some cross stitch.

I am still waiting for the roof of my music shop to be made, I do want to finish that before my op. I have been doing a little bit, just some bashing of furniture, its being painted, hope to have some photo's for you tomorrow.

see you all then


Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Hi All
this is just a quickie, I have been laid low with this dreadful cold and cough so not been up to much, gradually getting better so will see you all soon.