Friday, 21 October 2011

Tiny minis

After the success of making 1/24th perfume bottles I thought I would have a go again and progress a bit more by making little tray sets.

Although I did enjoy making these they are very difficult to do, you need good tweezers, magnifying glass and a good light, forgot to add steady hands.

I first found some pictures of perfume labels and shrunk them down to the smallest size, this worked but it is to small to see the details, I found some little silver coloured rings which I pasted on to mirror card and cut them out, I also cut small pieces of balsa wood, painted these,
after hunting down small beads etc, I started putting things together, the pictures I already had on my computer I just printed them out smaller, the picture frames are small jewellery bits that I had in my stash.

the tied letters, again I shrunk and printed letters I had and after folding them I tied them with red embroidery cotton.

I did end up with glued fingers, lost beads, they ping off and gave up trying to find them,
finally I got the results I wanted, see what you think

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Kat the hat lady Millinery by Kat Hazelton: ¡Viva Calaca!. Day of the Dead (Official)

Kat the hat lady Millinery by Kat Hazelton: ¡Viva Calaca!. Day of the Dead (Official): Not long now to Halloween and The Day of the Dead, time to put your best spooky clothes on and celebrate all things spooky with people you ...
check out this site, her hats are amazing

Feeling better

Feeling much better today, went along to my local dolls house club, no work done!! just a lot of chatter and a great dinner, really must start to do something tomorrow,
I have got to get a heater for my work room, I have discovered its very cold in there, to cold to work in, I am sure I have one somewhere in my shed, its trying to find it beneath all the other stuff,
little update on the new puppy Muppet, she is full of mischief and into everything, loves to nibble my feet, makes us laugh everyday with her antics, and gets on well with my other dog Freebie, there are some pictures for you to look at, I took her to the vets and they said she was the smallest puppy they  had ever had there, she could not be micro chipped yet, she is to small!! we love her to bits.

I managed to take a photo of the 1/24th perfume bottle, letters, photo and frame, books that I made for a customer, these were very hard to do, I had to use a magnifying glass and tiny tweezers, lots of swearing but in the end got them done, let me know what you think.

here are the photos

its been a long day

I am so cute

me and my pal Freebie

now for my close up

my attempt at 1/24th

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

feeling poorly

Hello and welcome to my 2 new followers, glad to have you on board.
not a lot to see today, I have a bad cold so not been up to much, have managed to get some knitting done, I am knitting my son a jumper for Christmas, glutton for punishment me,

finally got my miniatures sorted, and have day by day putting them on eBay, no mean feat as I have had to stop myself checking out whats for sale, 

I have also added a page to my face book where I have advertised my miniatures for sale, I just now have to work out how I do it here,

have not done any miniatures so far this week I have got to make some perfume bottles and pictures for a lady who has brought a 1/44 house, so out will come the magnifying glass
never made that small, will let you know how I get on

see you all soon