Saturday, 16 October 2010

Great find at Tesco's

Found these at Tesco's last night and could not resist them, a little bracelet with skulls and teeth, will find a place in my room box, only cost 1.99. will keep a look put they are bound to be reduced after Halloween


Thank you all who have started to follow my blog, its great to know others are interested in what I do,

I was looking at the suite I had recovered and decided it needed more, why is it you can never be satisfied with what you do and always feel you have to add more, anyway i added a throw to the settee and then came across a old coffee table that was a bit battered, so i repainted it in the gold, distressed it and then dressed it, I have a box full of crockery and bit so I found a lovely gold and white china set, a little flower arrangement, some magazines and glasses, and put them on to the coffee table, now I am happy with the end result,
I am trying to decide to either go back to ebay to sell or to try etsy, I have loads of items that I have made so will have to start to get rid so I can make some more, running out of room.
anyway added pictures of end results, would love to have comments on my work

Thursday, 14 October 2010

been busy

have been busy finished my witch room box, waiting for my witch, who I hear is in the kiln as we speak, new pictures, found some great earring's that light up, and some fantastic little spiders, its looking really creepy,

I made all the books using printies found on the web, book covers that I had shrunk down and small blocks of balsa wood, some of the books have pages in them, the bottles, some I had so I just added anything strange I had lying around, the other bottles I made from straws cut down to size and added labels, others were made from beads, the other bits were from my junk box which I turned into objects that I thought would be around, I also added some crockery that I had, I am really pleased with my finished effect, its difficult to see the lights and the effect they have. what do you think, story is coming on, but I keep getting distracted and then I have to find my thread again, but I will get there.

The other project I worked on was a settee and 2 chairs, I got some lovely William Morris material and so I used that to cover the cushions,  earlier I repainted it and then I distressed it, here is the result, I made the small cushions from some silk that i also got from ebay, lots of bargains there,
well tomorrow is another day, I wonder what i will be making?

Monday, 11 October 2010

customised prams

This weekend I worked on some prams, I had 3 black metal prams that were just sitting there. posted pictures of the result, will be doing another one this week which I will do a tutorial so watch this space.
I get a lot of pleasure from taking a plain object and transforming it.
still working on my whitch story, harder than I thought, my witch should arrive soon and then I will be selling the room box on ebay complete with story, have added a couple of pictures showing the light on,

next project is a nursery setting, I found a great little idea for boxes on the big wide web, using ice cube trays, will put that on tuts as well.
showing lamp on sink,

prams I customised

love this blog thing, makes me think more of how I do things and wonder if they interest others. more to come