Friday, 8 February 2013

I am painting

Hi All

Yes I am doing my favourite part of minis, painting!! it always seems to take too long, you paint a bit, wait a bit, paint a bit, wait a bit, you get the picture, 

While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I cut out and made some record sleeves I had found on the web, I will soon be able to start to plan how I want the room box to look, I still need to go to my junk shops to see if I can find old music sheets, I want to use these for wallpaper, 

I have started to add designs to the piano
thought I would show you pictures of what I have done so far



progress so far

Thursday, 7 February 2013

More bashing

Hi All
Hello and welcome to my new followers, still amazes me that people are interested in my work and what I do, thank you.

So I have decided that I will start my music shop, I have a lot of musical instruments that I have collected, and they need a home, I cannot make much here so I will be focusing on the design of the shop, I am thinking maybe an area for people to try out the instruments or an area for listening to music, I will have to see how it pans out, I usually do not have much of a plan, just a general idea and I make it up as I go along, it will include records for sale, i know nowadays we have cd's but my shop will be before them, 
I have been busy looking round the web for ideas, I am thinking of using old music sheets as wallpaper, have been looking round my second hand shops but have not found anything yet, so I will have to download some and age it

I was so pleased with my piano that I painted I am having another go, I have took apart a piano and so far have painted it baby blue, have one or 2 ideas, not sure yet which one I will do, I have been taking photos so I can show you how I did it.

well that's all for now, unless I find anything interesting to show you, 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nono mini Nostalgie: MON PREMIER GIVEAWAY

Nono mini Nostalgie: MON PREMIER GIVEAWAY: Je compte aujourd'hui 200  "followers"! A cette occasion, j'organise un giveaway, en offrant au gagnant un ensemble  romantique comprena...

Just found another Give a Way, this is lovely, have a look at her blog, she makes lovely items and tell you how she does it, while you are there do not forget to enter the give a way

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Finally I can reveal

Hi All
this latest creation came about from a remark made by one of my friends on face book, we got talking about Fifty shades of Grey book, I the an idea to make the bed, only I added a few things to it, well to be honest I got carried away, my imagination sometimes even surprises me.

I need to add a couple of books then it will be finished, but felt I could now reveal to you the BED!!!

those of a delicate position look away now

Well what do you think?

Monday, 4 February 2013

Modernist Molly's Minis: 50 follower /Valentine Day giveaway

Modernist Molly's Minis: 50 follower /Valentine Day giveaway: I'm edging up to 50 followers, and finally seem to have contacted the winner of my last giveaway, so it must be time for another one. Since ...

Here is another one, I have just found this blog and already I am loving her work, go take a look and while you are there enter the give a way

Drora's minimundo: 500 followers!!! Giveaway

Drora's minimundo: 500 followers!!! Giveaway: Last month with Christmas and Hanukka, swaps and giveaways, was one of  my most exciting months. I received wonderful gifts from talented...

wait till you see this one, I have entered, Dora has been so generous

Teeny Tiny Things: New Pushchairs

Teeny Tiny Things: New Pushchairs: They’re here! Yes at long last the new pushchairs are ready.   Each little pushchair is lightly padded inside and has a shopping t...

Teeny Tiny has a Give a way, if you have not visited her blog, you really must go and take a look, her prams and pushchairs are out of this world, they are incredible, oh dear I am gushing, do not take my word for it go see for yourself

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #41

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #41: If I reach 300 followers on my birthday - 2 lucky followers will receive a gift from Jazzi Minis! Here we go again mini blogger's - w...

I always start with Jazzi, not only does she have her Monday link party, she is having a birthday give a way, help her get her numbers up,

Its Monday and how I spent £100.00 in less than an hour

Hi All
I am amazed more followers are adding their names to the list, thank you for joining my band  of followers, hope you enjoy what you read and see, feel free to leave a comment, thank you.

Now down to business, I took the weekend off from working on my minis, I had a visit from my son, he lives in Edinburgh, and I had not seen him since Christmas, miss him a lot but I really treasure the times I get to spend with him,

 then needed to do some house work, I know its a dirty word but it had to be done, I could no longer see my telly the dust was so bad, so with this plan in mind, I gathered my cleaning bits and set about cleaning,  my doggies were playing tug with a squeaky toy, suddenly I heard my new puppy Mollie, making horrible chocking noises, so I first tried to make her sick, no good, so I massaged her throat and this seemed to work, I then gave her some milk and a small treat to make sure she could swallow, she seemed ok so I carried on cleaning, a few minutes later she started to make coughing sounds, so I rang my vet, he said to bring her up,had to take a taxi, £5.90, the vet examined her and she had a red throat, so he gave her a steroid injection to settle it down and help her, I left having then paid £92.00 with instructions to contact him if she had any more problems, So that how I spent the money.
But let that be a warning about squeaky toys, I have now thrown them out, Mollie is fine this morning and does not seem to have any effects from yesterday, 
Yes I did end up getting my house work done.

Back to minis, I am having a lot of fun with my Fifty shades of grey item, I showed my son what I had done so far, his reaction was "mum!!  do you have to, some times I wonder what goes on in your head!!"
I have a bit more to do and hopefully will reveal tomorrow,

I have an appointment to see my consultant today, I get my results of my scan and hopefully I will find out what is causing my breathlessness and I hope that she will agree that I can have my torn ligaments to my right shoulder repaired.

Anyway I digress I am off to find you any Give a ways for you to enter, let me know if you win any of them, see you soon