Thursday, 17 November 2011

Great day today

Had a great day today at the craft club, we had Tina who showed us a very simple but effective way to make Christmas cards, Pat gave us a lovely dinner and Debs made some fantastic cakes, came home tired but happy.

Are you finding the printies useful? I have laods on my computer so let me know if you are looking for anything, you never know I may just have it

I did manage to get another coat of red paint on to my new project, need to but some more gold paint so I can finish it off,

now having had my tea, have got to become housewife and do the ironing, still can catch up on the soaps while I do it.

Some photos for you

before I started decorating, had to repair the windows
this will become Santa's workshop

first layer of red paint, another coat to do,

my Christmas cards I made today

working on a new project and some printies

Well it did not take long for me to give in, I said to myself I will concentrate on my Victorian house till after Christmas, as I have loads to do with making my presents, yes this year I am trying to make as many of my family's pressies I can, apart from saving money I think they are more personal, anyway I went to my garden shed to sort out some paint and came across a lovely little shop that I had forgotten about, it was very dusty and looked so sad on the shelf that I had to take it in to the warmth of my work room, and guess what I sat there looking at it and yes you've guessed it I have decided to do another project.

I have been looking at Christmas stuff for some time and I did not want to do another Christmas shop as I have already done that, so I am going to make this one Father Christmas's work shop, I can already see it in my head I just now need to make it real.
sorry no photos yet, but I am making sure I photo it as I am doing it.

So far I have started to paint it, was hoping to do more today but forgot its my craft club, we have Tina coming she is showing us Christmas card making, should be a good one, we meet once a month and most of the time its all about dolls houses and having a good natter.

as I have no photos ready I have some printies for you I have found these on the net so only use them for personal use thank you

see you all soon

Monday, 14 November 2011

wow more watching my blog, thank you, well they did say build it and they will come, or was that in a film,
what have I been up to, I sold the dads shed and its going to Mexico, hope they like it when they get it, will have to Wait for the feedback.

I have continued on with my Victorian house, been putting the furniture in the lounge, the fire place is still movable as I want to add a fire to it with lights,  I still need to make the curtains, I am going to do all of the curtains last, then I can make the front curtains to match,
have popped on some photos for you. I also put in my Rheuter sewing box, I have a small collection of Rheuter and where I can I put them in my dolls house, no point having them if they are not on show.

I am getting ready for Christmas, cannot say too much because my mum reads my blog,and I do not want to spoil her surprise,  but I did make a lining for a little wicker basket.
I am getting along very well with my sons jumper, got front and half way up the back, I keep looking at it and hoping it fits.

And as for the puppy, she is hardly growing, she is coming up to 4mths now and is still just like a little hedgehog, she sure has the cute factor, everyone wants my little Muppet, but she's mine.

update on my kitchen, wood now all rubbed down, holes in walls filled in, going to choose the paint this week, and it all starts Friday, lovely, lots of mess to look forward to,

lets get on to the photos

the lounge

the recovered basket



my old dress form

the dress form re done, I like it a lot more now