Thursday, 25 August 2011


Its been a busy week, got very little done on my minis, as you know I am having a new Tv unit and shelving fitted to my room, well me being me was looking at the existing wallpaper and decided that I wanted to change it, so now this weekend my room is being redecorated, chose the wallpaper today, luckily it does not need repainting and its only one wall to be redone. but that now means my curtains do not go and I need new lamps and shades, poor me I have got to hit the shops, I will look first at my favorite shop, its called the Attic, full of all sorts of things, i am hoping I will find what I need there, I am always in there and I always find something, I then revamp the bits to suit my decor.
I have a lovely old pine dresser and I am trying to make my mine up about painting it an off white have been thinking of doing this for a while.
will try to remember to add photos.
I have been busy painting my hearts and redoing some of my kitchen bits, I have not said anything yet but I am planning on having that redone next.
oh and my bedroom well that's all for now, tomorrow will have my son stripping wallpaper, PS he does not know yet will save that little gem for the morning,

Monday, 22 August 2011

some work done

Glad its Monday I can get back to working on my miniatures, this weekend was spent helping to rub down my units that have been made for my living room, (not mini) we are hoping to start to paint them tomorrow depends on the weather, pray it does not rain, these have been designed by my boyfriend I have got to wait for them to be put up before I will see what they are like, exciting, will put up a photo when they are done.

anyway back to minis, today I started to make jewellery for my Egyptian shop, very fiddly, I need lots as there are lots of shelves to fill and its a big shop, got photos for you, I also finished  spraying and decorating the shelving units.

well another day tomorrow see ya

jewellery I have made so far

units sprayed and decorated