Tuesday, 27 May 2014

not mini post

Hi All
yes this is not about mini's shock!! horror!! what am I up to?

I have been sewing for the new baby, my daughter-in-law wanted a bag to carry stuff in for the baby and a changing mat, I looked all over the web and although I found bags/changing I could not find something I liked so I took everything I did like and put it together in to a bag that I thought would work well, 

I also made bibs and burp cloths

and for myself I made some new cushion covers to brighten up my lounge 

So its a bag, a changing mat with pockets and handles that un-clip so it can be hung over the pram, I love it, just hope they do
have a look

I did get a mini desk out and have started to get it ready to change its appearance,so watch this space 

portable changing mat

see how it rolls up

the nappy/changing bag

its a bag

opens out to changing mat with pockets

the straps un click so it can be hung over pram handles

burp cloths