Friday, 25 March 2016


Hi All

Happy Easter

Yes it's official I have a tail!! well Jack will have, curious? then let me explain.
I showed you yesterday the hoodie I adapted for Jack, well I also found a pattern for a dinosaur tail, so I decided to make that for him as well. It turned out ok. Not sure though if I am not opening Pandora's chest for later in his life when he want's fancy dress costumes, he is not old enough yet to tell me, time will tell.

I had my bloods done yesterday and they are still within the range the doctor's want them to be. which is great for me as it means for now I can go 6 weeks between tests instead of weekly, 

Having to rest a bit more this week, sitting with my legs up, which I hate doing, but there is increased fluid on my legs, they cause me a lot of pain and because the family will all be here Sunday, I want to be at my best.

But I am not here doing nothing, oh no!! I have found a book with some lovey medieval cross stitch patterns, I am in the process of shrinking them down to 1/12th, hard on the eyes , but better than sitting doing nothing.

Have a look at my tail

it attaches with a Velcro belt.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Now this was hard

Hi All

Before I talk about myself and what I have been doing, I want to extend my sympathy to the families of the people that have lost their live in the recent bombing's.
I cannot understand where it is right to take lives in the name of religion,  I do not think we will ever have a peaceful land. 

I had started the dinosaur hoodie for Jack and yesterday I finished it, and it was one of the hardest things I had ever done. 
First I added a zip, not the right colour but  I did not want to spend a lot of money and this and will only what I have in my stash. which turned out to be light blue.

I then made the dinosaur spikes to go in the hoodie, the tutorial I had seen showed stitched the spikes opened on the hoodie first, I decided to make them a bit different. I had some stiff stiffener in my stash, so I made the spikes using that to hold them upright, I edged the sides with dark green bias binding. I then added a row of open smaller spikes to the hoodie and stitched the spikes to this, I had to use a brown tape along each sides, not only did this add a decorative bit, importantly it hid some of the dreadful stitching underneath.

Finally after a very long day I completed it!!

Today I will be making the tail. like how I said that confidently, we will see,

the dinosaur spikes along the back

the front, I added the dinosaur figures to the front.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Lets talk mini's

HI All

It was all going well, but something was not right, I felt my hairdresser's salon was to bland, it looked like I had taken the soft option and gone for boring beige, so out came my stash of papers and I found some black and silver ones I liked, not enough to cover the walls, but enough to make a statement.
I also found some silver and black paper that would work on the floor.
So out came the beige and in came the silver and black. it now looks right.

I also had a fiddle around with the layout and think i have go the layout I like. I added pictures and the nail varnish shelf  to the walls.

I am not happy with the receptionist desk, it does not look right to me, I think it is to high, so going to change it.

As it is Easter this coming weekend, I decided to have the family over for dinner on Sunday, it's not often I get them altogether, so really looking forward to it.
That got me distracted, my lovely grandson, Jack, he is now 18 mth old, is in to Pepper Pig and dinosaurs, and the other day on Pinterest   I saw a hoodie made into a dinosaur, well not exactly, but enough for him to have fun, I also found a tail, so decided, as you do, to make him one for Easter, so that meant a trip into town to find a hoodie, just about impossible, eventually tracked one down, got it in a charity shop for 2.50. have got to alter it, started it today,
have got some photo's for you to see

boring beige

the papers

on the wall and floor

fiddling about,

the original hoodie

beginning to change it