Saturday, 11 February 2012

struggling on

Hi all
what a surprise more followers, up to 85 now, when I started this blog I never thought that anyone would be interested in what I do, so to my new followers thank you and welcome, grab a coffee and take a peek. Feel free to leave a comment, I love comments.
confession to make, every morning its takes me about an hour for my body to settle down and I spend that time looking at your blogs, the standard of work that I see is so high and you all give me inspiration, I cannot pick out my favourite one, it would be unfair of me as you are all very good.

did not do a lot yesterday, I made identity disc, using hole punches and I put some on a board, I used a tiny bead to look like the ring.
I then went on to make some books, I had some printies, I stuck these on card and the used an old magazine as the pages. I just need to look for some doggy magazines to reduce.
I did have one good idea, I got a magazine about dogs and in the there was all these tiny pictures of all  types of dogs, so I have very carefully cut them out and I am making them into books, there is a lot of pictures!! will show you when I get them finished.

doggy discs

my books

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Yipee at last

So happy and pleased with myself today, I finally got some work done, after my disappointing week, I quickly got sorted this morning, armed with my coffee I shut the door and got on with making bits for my doggy shop.

I made toys for my doggies to play with, I used brightly coloured beads and embroidery silks to make balls to throw, again using embroidery silks made tug of war toys, chewy toys out of filmo, and some chewy bones. after this I was really getting into the swing of things, so I made feeding bowls, I used the caps form screw covers, painted them gold and silver, well it is a posh shop, some were placed onto feeding trays, others I have left loose, I then made a gold plated bed with real silk cover and velvet throw, wonder who will buy this when it goes into the shop?
I am enjoying this project, it is making me think how to do the items for dogs, I love to be challenged.

last night I made wait for it, this is the point where my son now thinks I have really lost the plot, a apron for my washing up bottle, I saw the project on the web and thought that would look good, have put on a picture for you.

There is also  a picture of my dog freebie showing her really fed up with the snow, she hates it and does not like going outside, I have had both of them cuddling up to me on the bed at night, spoilt doggies,

lets have a look at the pictures

gold and silver feeding bowls

toys and blankets

the gold bed

don't my washing up bottle look posh


best laid plans and all that

hello and welcome to Anna and Maria, so nice to see you here, hope you enjoy my blog, and my miniatures.

I made plans this week to get on with my deluxe doggy shop. so what happens,
Monday, appointment for blood tests, this took all morning, came home, did the ironing, day over.
Tuesday. loads of snow, work room freezing, heater broken, had to go and buy a new one, came back, managed to make some pet food dishes, (need painting) day over.
Wednesday. appointment for heart scan, ECG ( recording of heart rate) hospital nearly a hour away from me, came back, did a bit of shopping, day over,
we now come today, I will be doing mini's wish me luck.

Monday, 6 February 2012

its cold here

Hi, how are you all coping with this cold weather? we have a bit of snow, but have been very lucky, it started snowing Saturday night and stopped Sunday, and now it seems to be melting, mind you it has been very cold, made my joints very sore, had to up my medication which meant I was sleepy a lot of the time,

Muppet, my puppy was very happy in the snow and we had a job keeping her in doors, I had to laugh as the snow as deep and she would jump and then we would lose her, each time she came in I had to get the hairdryer to get rid of the snow, both my dogs had lots of fun,

What have I been up to, well I finished my shabby chic bits, think I have enough now, just got to make a few little things, pocket money gifts, for those of you that do not know I have agreed to do a charity craft show in March, so I am busy making items to try to sell, I am also taking some of my miniatures to see what happens,

I have started and made some miniatures, a dressing table complete with perfumes, flowers ect, and a lovely little bed set, have put some pictures on for you to see.

today I have got to have my bloods done, I have this every month to check my clotting, and Wednesday I have got to have a ultra scan and ECG ( heart monitored to see what its doing), hope it will all be ok, I love it when I see my consultant, he says we will do these tests to see whats going on, but don't worry, easy for them to say.

I have been looking at the lovely blogs that I follow with great interest, there is so much talent out there, I love looking at what you are all doing and enjoy looking at your projects, I must start telling you as I read your blogs, I keep thinking must leave a comment, will try to do so from now on.
Sometimes I find myself so interested in what you are all doing that I will suddenly realise its mid day and I am still sitting here in my dressing gown and no work done, I must become more stricter with myself and try to restrict my reading to the evenings, anyway on that note I will go and get dressed now and start to do something, housework first,

I just loved this material, all my sewn work is hand sewn and is made so that the covers can be removed.

I made the perfume bottles, using beads and jewellery findings, jewellery. pictures, boxes, letters, well most of the stuff on here. hope you like