Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I can paint

Yes I can paint, I managed to get into my work room today, so before anyone could stop me I grabbed my paint brush, paint and got started, as this is all new wood I have painted first with wood primer as this will give me a good key for further decorating,  My next job is to lay the floor tiles, just hope I have enough, maybe I had better work it out first, I feel good that at last I have started.

while I was waiting to get into my work room I did get a chance to finish off some of my bigger projects for my kitchen redo, I have put pictures on for you to see what I have been up to. I took a bread bin, paper towel holder, picture frames, shelf and a small cupboard and repainted them, added some pictures I printed from Graphic Fairy blog, I love this blog its well worth you taking a look, when I finished I then varnished to protect them,
my son thinks I have now lost the plot and is scared to stand still in case I shabby chic him, as if, mind you he might look better with a bit of colour than the all black look he seems to love, each to there own I suppose

shop painted with white primer

floor tiles for shop

my small cabinet, there is wire in the door frames


picture printed from Graphic Fairy blog

repainted bread bin, again I used wire netting to front

 don't forget to poke the pictures to see them bigger, hope you like all these see you all soon

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

so frustrated

I am so frustrated, cannot get into my work room, it is filled with shelves that have been painted and now we are waiting for them to dry, its raining here so all the painting is being done indoors, and everywhere I look there is wood with paint on it, it is so boring waiting for paint to dry, should not really complain I do want my shelving unit finished, bit I cannot do any minis AH!!!
I am siting here now looking for patterns for a jumper for my son for Christmas, oh my goodness did I mention the C word, I asked him what he wanted and he asked for a hand knitted jumper with an arran pattern, its very cold where he lives in Scotland, so instead of watching paint dry I thought at least I can look for the pattern, then it will be a quick trip to town to pick the wool, I just cannot sit and do nothing I always have to have something I can do.
I will put up pictures when my lounge is finished I just feel its going to take a while
never mind good things come to those that wait.