Wednesday, 1 June 2011

what a time i have had

What a time I have had, for those of you who read my last entry where I was complaining of breathing problems, well this got much worse and I was admitted to hospital, the following day I had a heart attack followed by bilateral blood clots to both lungs, they said that I stopped breathing, did not know about this just remember coming round to lots of people and lots of activity, I have been told I have been very lucky and if I had been at home I would of died, at the age of 54 this is very hard for me to get my head around, I am now home with instructions to take things very easy and on warfirin to thin my blood, I have got to have more tests to see why this happened,
I am so glad to be alive and to be in my own home, today I ventured into my work room and have just sat and looked at my miniatures with itchy fingers to create something, but have got to rest how frustrating, so I am just reading books and taking stock of everything that is important to me, they are my partner and family, so forgive me if for a while I just browse and nose about other blogs but be rest assured once I can I will start creating again