Thursday, 29 November 2012

a bit upset

Hi All
pleased you liked the tutorial on shabby chic, most of my own house is in this style, has my son says, "better not stand still mum will shabby me" I am still waiting for my bathroom to be finished, my friend has more work and has this is paid work he has to take it, but it means I wait, my son is going to paint it today, its only a small room so he should be alright.

I was a bit angry this morning, i belong to many groups on face book, all to do with minis and I have my own group from where I sell my minis, I went on this morning and found my shabby chic desk had been copied, it was not exactly the same but it was my style, someone even commented thinking it was my work, now I do not mind being copied I always say " if they think my work is that good and they cannot think for themselves then good luck" but I draw a line when they then sell cheaper than me, beginning to think it is not a good idea to put my work on face book. moan over.

Yesterday I found some lovely material, so I am making a modern bed, yes Jazzi a modern bed, it was the materials fault, will show you later

Don't forget my give a way ends 1st December


Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Debbie,
You should be proud that people copy your work. I started my blog to share my work. Okay I don't sell but the people that buy your material don't make it themselves....
Hugs Dorien

elbey said...

Where is it you sell your items please Debbie?

Steinworks said...

that's not right, well at least people know it's a copy.


Jazzi said...

oh don't seem to have any luck with people not respecting your work! However, imitation is the highest form of they say. Can't wait to see your Modern Bed woohoo! Hugs, J xx