Monday, 3 December 2012

Its Monday

Hi All
hope you all had a good weekend, it has turned very cold here so ideal weather for staying in and making minis, I begin to slow up a bit now, with Christmas coming real life tends to get in the way.

I will be putting my tree up this week, I used to collect Father Christmas,s and every year all my ornaments would be put away and Santa would come out, I had over 100, when I moved to my little bungalow I did have enough room so I down sized them, so now I only put special ones up, Will post a picture when I have done.

Got my usual routine blood tests today, my arms feel like pin cushions but I need to have them done, I have to have my clotting factor of my blood tested, my blood clots very quickly and this can be very dangerous, I found this out last year when I ended up in Intensive care unit with lungs full of clots, so my Warafin is my life line, without it I would be in big trouble, so whats a blood test against that, so I will smile and I even say thank you for putting a needle in me, Oh well these things have to be done.

Back to minis, I did say I go off some times and natter about other things, Yes its Monday and you know what I do on a Monday I take a trip around the web and find you great Give A Ways for you to enter.

Talking about Give a ways where are you Tressa and Isabel, you both won my give a way I need your addresses so I can send you your prize, later I will check where you are are and come find you,

so here I go off for give a ways
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