Thursday, 20 December 2012

Its nearly here

Hi All

Can you believe it, its nearly here, only 5 days to go, then its Christmas, is it me or does time go so quickly?
The tree is up, the presents are wrapped, just the food to buy, will not be buying to much food, Christmas day,
I am having a quieter Christmas this year, I usually have all the family round and cook a massive dinner, but this year my health has not been at its best so we will all descend on my mum and dad on Boxing day.
 I cannot wait for them to see their Christmas present, going to take a risk today, I will show you their present, they do not read my blog often only when I tell them to have a look at something, so think I will be safe.

I had their 2 dogs, Yorkshire terriers, bobby and Leo, made in miniature, by Bridget McCarty, she is in America and makes incredible miniature animals, I sent her a picture and I was amazed when I got them, I love them, so I made a small display for them to sit in, we have decided to give them the display first, watch how they try to say thank you and then tell them "you better have this to go with it" Bobby the eldest is 14 years old and his health is not so good, so I hope they do not get upset.

Off to the mini club today, its our Christmas dinner so we will not get anything done.

have a look at the photos

Bobby and Leo
The pictures are of my mum and dad, my brothers, me with my sons and the doggies
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