Monday, 19 November 2012

It Monday

  Morning All

Glad to see you are leaving me your names for my Give a Way, I am working on it as we speak, I do hope the winner will be pleased.

So what have I been doing this weekend, well I finished my bits for the bathroom, really pleased how they came out, The painter was meant to come Saturday to finish my bathroom, but he did not come, now its today he is coming, we will see, he's a friend so its difficult  to moan when it is getting done for free. have patience Debbie!!

I ahve been asked to do a tutorial on how to shabby chic, so the next time I do this I will do a tutorial to show you how its done

 I have finished the nursery set, it came out ok,

I have my usual blood tests today, when I come back will be doing minis,

I must find out where Mini Jazzi is, I seem to of lost tract of her, when I find her will put a link on my blog,

Off now to find you some Give a Ways,

Here are the photos

cabinets for my bathroom

the nursery set

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