Friday, 16 November 2012

when did that happen and a give a Way

Hi All

when did that happen, I now have 190 followers, when I started this blog I never thought I would get 1 follower let alone 190, thank you to those who are new to my blog, I hope you are enjoying what you see and read.

I think I will have to do a give a way myself, so while I am sorting out something to give you, why not drop me a comment, the rules of the give a way are
1. be a follower of this blog
2. leave a comment
3. if possible put a link on your blog for me.
 Date of the draw will be ----------------------------------1st December, so hopefully you will get the prize before Christmas,
Good Luck

Sorry did not mean to mention Christmas, but it is creeping nearer, this year I have decided to have a quiet Christmas and stay at home, they can come to me. I have already got some of the presents, my sons who always struggle to know what to get my mum and dad, when I said what I had got them, ( cannot tell or show you as they read this) they both said can we come in with you, said yes, I had spent more than I meant to so their contribution will help, I promise to put on a photo after Christmas to show you what their present is, the only hint I can give you is it came from America and is something to do with miniatures.

well I am off now to sort out the Give a Way,

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