Friday, 23 November 2012

still working

Hi All
yes I am still full of energy and working hard, I have sorted out the give a way, I am sure who ever wins will love it, I love surprises.

Yesterday I carried on with my miniatures, I put my unit back together, I have added a gold trim to it and I want to do something to the door fronts, not sure yet, will look at it this morning and see what I can do, after that I just need to dress it, I have some lovely ornaments that I may put in it, we will see.

I also finished my hall stand, I made a bag, hat and umbrella, I want to make a couple of handbags and maybe a coat to hang on the stand.

today I want to finish the desk and the little wall shelf,

any way have a look

the colour is sage green but it doesn't show in the picturs

Now I looked again at the hall stand I do not think it needs any thing more added to it, what do you think?
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