Sunday, 9 December 2012

Another bargain

Hi All

As you all know I love anything vintage or shabby chic, so imagine how pleased I was when yesterday I found this in my junk shops, and it only cost me £3.00, not sure yet where it will live, its in my bedroom for now, I love it.

How are you all doing for Christmas, ready yet? I have got all my presents and they are wrapped and sitting under the tree, I have been working on mum and dad's secret present, cannot wait to show you.

And today, wait for it, Bathroom will be finished, yes I did say that, my friend is round today and finishing it, at last, this is a 3 day project that has now taken over 5 weeks, I find it hard to keep smiling, but I will make him his numerous cups of tea and let him get on with it.

Tomorrow my hall is being painted, its all go here.
have a look at my bargain

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