Friday, 7 December 2012

look what I got

Hi All

well all my presents are done, apart from my youngest son, he is so hard to but for, will find some thing so doubt, went out yesterday, I had not been round my junk shops for ages and I found a lovely, sweet RAT!! he is so cute, I want to make him a mini home, so that will be a new project for next year,

I imagine you are all busy with Christmas now, I know I am and apart form the odd little thing have not had a lot of time for minis, I make some of my Christmas presents, made a couple of key rings yesterday and started on a fabric reindeer, hope to finish that today.
I am also making some thing to go with my mum and dads Christmas present, which I cannot talk about or show as they keep an eye on my blog, but have taken pictures and will reveal after Christmas.

We are having very cold weather here, no snow but lots of rain and wind, so ideal weather for staying in,

anyway lets look at " Ratty " as I now call him

I present "Ratty"

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