Saturday, 5 May 2012

still undecided

Hi All
I am still undecided about the outside of the shop, I have painted some scrap wood in different colours to see which one I like, I am also collecting egg cartons to make stones from, I am getting nearer to making my mind up but I want it to be perfect so would rather take my time and get it right.

So I made distressed another unit to fill with Jewel's, I have been busy making jewellery to put into the cabinets, have got a couple of photos for you to see.

Now a moan, I am so fed up with this rain, not a day as gone by without rain, we have had enough, it seems so funny they announce a hose pipe ban and then we get rain, oh well moan over. I am having a very quiet weekend, my son is away so I have the house to myself, it is so peaceful, I can eat when I want, do what I want and no one is here to bother me, bliss

better show you the photos

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