Sunday, 29 April 2012

new idea

HI All
I sit here this morning, its still raining only this time its windy as well, so there is no going out, will stay in keeping warm, oh how I long for summer, moan over.

I have had lots of people asking if I sell my work, I do some times on eBay, its only a few times a year, I am not a regular seller.
That got me thinking, should I make a new page for miniatures
 After seeking advice and I must admit I wanted encouragement. I decided to go ahead and do it, so far all I have done is make the page, but I will be adding items that I want to sell.
Wish me luck,

I hope to be doing some minis today, first its my weekly secret treat, I sit and watch Dallas, yes I love it, I control myself and do not watch any of the episodes during the week, so I can sit all Sunday morning and indulge myself.

so better go its on.
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