Tuesday, 1 May 2012

back to painting

Hi All
its still raining here, it seems impossible that we have a hose pipe ban yet around the country we have floods and flood warnings, its all beyond me. My garden is beginning to look so water logged, I have a very large puddle in my lawn, which my puppy Muppet seems to love. Never mind the more it rains the more I cannot go out, so more time for minis.

Thank you for the lovely comments I have been receiving about my shabby chic shop. I am glad you are enjoying the progress.

Yesterday I was doing my favourite bit, Painting!! I am now starting on the bedroom area, I was hoping to make a en-suite as well, but I am lacking in space, so we will have to pretend there is another room for the bathroom.

I have started to paint the ceiling, and some of the furniture that I want to put in there, I keep forgetting to take before photos, note to self, must try harder. There are no photos to show you today, but have sent you some printies, Please remember these are not my printies are they are for your personal use only. I get them from my Luna Girl cd, that I brought years ago.

hope to have more to show you tomorrow.

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