Friday, 4 May 2012


Hi All

I had a disaster this week, my computer crashed, I was totally lost, time dragged, what was I to do, so several frantic calls later, this morning I was back on line, thank goodness, 2 days seemed endless, never want that to happen again.

I did find that I got going a bit earlier in the mornings, I cannot just sit and do nothing and daytime telly bores me.

I am still working on my shabby chic shop, but I have come to a stand still, I cannot make my mind up what to do with the outside, any ideas gratefully received.

While I was waiting for inspiration to strike I decided to get on with making my items to sell, after searching through my stash I found a couple of items that I thought I could do something with. they are both going to be made into shabby chic and have jewellery in them. I have been busy making jewellery displays ( no photos of them just yet, waiting for glue to dry) but I do have photos of the furniture, one has already been painted the other has just had its first coat on.

so I will leave you with the photos while I catch up on the blogs that I have sorely missed reading

first unit before


before, you will have to wait for the after

had to add this, my little puppy, now 9 mths old, see how small she is

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