Tuesday, 1 May 2012

its coming on

Hi All

I am so pleased with this project, its better than I thought it would be, Today I worked on the bedroom, I was going to just paint the walls, but I found this great paper and a bit of working out I managed to make it fit one wall. I completed the wardrobe, filled it with bits, I did not notice that one of the legs was broken, so as she does not bother much I just stuck some books under it to make it stand up, I am sure she will replace the wardrobe in time, but getting the shop up and running is her priorty, I decided she coule not afford a dressing table so she made do with a chest of drawers with a mirror on the top, I mades some perfume, boxes and jewellery to put on the top. I added some clothes to the drawers, making it look untidy, I placed a shawl on the bed, My friend Sue made me this, it is so delicate and looks great on the bed.

I had a spare rocking horse, so I put that in the bedroom as well, added a mat, the bed clothes I had made, still need to make some slippers, pictures and a light, but its almost there.

In the living room, I decorated the table with bits, to make it look used, I removed the tablecloth, it was making it difficult to put things on it and for them to stay fixed.

In the shop, I had some baskets so I made fabric bits, ribbons and paper to put in these and dotted them around the shop floor,

Now I have to start to work on the outside.

This is becoming one of my favorite projects. Anyway here's the pictures for you to see

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