Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Hi All

Its the Grand opening of my for sale page. I have been busy making items to go on the page, some you will of seen already on my blog.
All of my miniatures have been made by me, I do not make anything that I would not be happy with myself, I take a care and put in lots of detail in my work.
The prices will include postage to the UK only, I will post overseas but please contact me for postage.
I have tried to keep the prices low, I do miniatures as a hobby, I am not a business and will have no overheads to pay.

I will also do commissions, so if you want something in particular then ask me, I may be able to help.

This is my first attempt to do this, I have sold before on eBay, but I wanted to have a more personal touch. I want you to feel that you know me,

If you have any suggestions about my selling page, please feel free to comment.

Other news, I have finally decided on my decor for the front of my shop, it will be painted, the roof will be tiled and I am asking all my friends and family for thier egg cartons, I will be making the tiles for the roof, it will be the first time I have ever done this, so looking forward to the challenge.

I really enjoyed my weekend, it was nice to just please myself, I treated myself to some strawberries and icecream and ate the lot!!!
We are still having rain, we have had the occassional sighting  of the sun, just to tease us, my garden is now full of weeds and the grass is so high, we just want a few days for everything to dry out, this is supposed to be sunny May!!! maybe June will be better

here are some photos of the finished jewellery cabinets.

check out my for sale page, tell me your thoughts
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