Saturday, 28 April 2012

busy day

Hi All

we are still having the rain, the one good thing about rain, I do not go out so I get to spend a lot of time on my miniature's, which to me is a good thing.

I finished the cooker, but forgot to take a picture before I placed in the kitchen, you can see it on the photos, I even put a tray of bread cooking in the oven. I also completed 2 chairs.

The flat is going to be a bit of mis match with the furniture, I decided that the girl who owns the shop below, just puts any furniture in her flat as she concentrates on her shop.

I do have a little surprise for you, I placed the items in place, I wanted to see if I was achieving the effect that I wanted, I will leave that to you, but I am pleased with how it is going so far.I still may play around with it and I have some more its to put in.

I have started on the bedroom furniture, made bed covers for a lovely white wire bed. I just hope there will be enough room, tomorrow I will put the roof on to see how much room I will have,

I have also put in a picture of some lovely lace I got from eBay, not sure what I will use it for, I will find a use for it.

anyway lets get on with the photos.

the lovely lace I brought

do you like how its coming on

I found the glass umbrella in a junk shop, I think it will work well in this shop

I knited a blanket as a throw
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