Sunday, 26 February 2012

WOW 100 followers

Thank you Thank you, to my new followers, you have got me to 100, I am so pleased with all my friends, that's what I feel you all are, you have given me encouragement and support, shown you care when i am poorly, admired my miniatures and helped me to believe in myself, thank you does not seem enough, so I will be sorting out  a give a way, so watch this space,  I will be doing it soon.

Now this weekend, what have I been doing, no minis, home life and housework got in the way, my son and his girlfriend have been over from Edinburgh, so I got time to be with him, I do not see him a lot so every visit is very special.

I also had a ultra scan to my right shoulder, bit disappointed, I suppose I was expecting to be told it was ok, since I have been on my steroids the pain had been less and I had a lot more movement, so entered the room today with a smile and left with a frown, I have a 2cm spilt to the top tendon and a small tear to the one in the front, so now I have got to have an operation, but because of my medical condition and medication, it has got to be
at least a 3 day stay, I have got to contact my consultantstomorrow and wait to see what is going to happen, I continue to smile, hard sometimes, but never mind, life goes on and there are many worse off then me. well moan over.

Will be back to my minis tomorrow, and staring to sort out the give a way, so again thank you

see you all soon xxxx mini hugs
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