Monday, 27 February 2012

Flying high today

I have had a great day today, thank you so much for your good wishes, it was lovely hearing from you all.

Back to today, felt very well so run into my workroom, well after getting dressed, a bit of housework, and some washing done, then my time was my own, so what did I do,

I wanted to make a dryer for my doggy salon, I got a picture of the web, got out my box of bit, this is were I put everything that I may need some day, broken watches, clocks, lighters anything really, so with this to follow I started to create, and I am pleased with the result, see  what you think.

picture from web

my design

I have also have started to put the rooms together, I have started on the wash room.
I love this bit, when everything starts coming together,
tomorrow I will be putting the shop together, I have started some of it, you will see from the photos the progress I am making.
see you all then.

I redone the dog cage, it was a bit big for the shop.

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