Thursday, 23 February 2012

a lovely sunny day

Could not help it today, it was so hot and sunny, I felt great so off I went into town to visit the second hand shops, got a few bits, some knitting needles for my stash, only 20p a pr, some bias binding, 10p each, a lovely scarf, I saw an idea about trimming a scarf with old lace and have been looking around for one I thought might be suitable, another project to do, a load of tiny buttons, some lace doilies that can be cut to make miniature table cloths or tray covers, so did well, came home, my son was being very active in the garden, long may it last.

I did manage to a bit of work on my project, got all the walls decorated, floors varnished and put it together to see where I would be placing things, I also made some aprons for the staff to wear when grooming the dogs, I may not be using the shelving unit, it seems a bit big and take over the room, will take some thinking about.

I hope to get more done tomorrow,

decorating done

staff aprons

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