Tuesday, 28 February 2012

steaming ahead

I can tell I am on steroids, apart from a massive appetite, I have lots of energy, so I was up early, housework done and I got on with my project.

today I started to furnish the shop, I made 2 clothes rails from parts of a fan glued to balsa wood, then using kebab sticks made a rail, the ends I finished off with a small jewellery cap, this was all painted, then using some little hangers I stitched the clothes on and put them all on the rails.
I also made a rail for the dog collars, using again kebab sticks, added some shelves which I filled with books ect, the small chest of drawers were put in place and items placed on top, these included, bones, treats and biscuits I made from fimo, also some of the toys I had made. its all beginning to look real.

I also have tiled the roof, this drying as we speak, so no picture yet.

this will be just for dogs, I was hoping to have room for other animals but now that I have put the little house together there is not a lot of room, so my choice was just to do the doggy shop, maybe I will do another one, we will see, I have had another idea already something different again.

Postman delivered me 2 lovely items today, I got these from eBay, 1 is a old sewing stool which contained a few items and the other was a lovely little house that can be lit up, these are not for my dolls house just because I liked them, I love miniature items and was very pleased with these.
lets see the photos.

my little house brought from eBay

the miniature sewing basket

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