Friday, 9 March 2012

thank you

Hi all
Thank you for your lovely comments, I am pleased with how the doggy parlour turned out.
I am already thinking of my next project, I have an idea to do a hedgehog home, I spent the day trying to construct hedgehogs, sometimes I feel like I have gone mad, after many hours, I came up with nothing.
I tried fimo, but that proved to be too fiddly, I tried wood, that kept breaking, so I sat and looked around me, then light bulb moment, "bottle brushes" I know sounds crazy, but its worth a try, so tomorrow morning I will shoot into town and see what I can find, If anyone has any ideas please feel free to tell me, you can join me in the madness.

I have worked out what the house will look like, I think it may look like a tree stump, I have looked at hedgehog homes, but they did not seem very interesting, so I have let my imagination take over.
well tomorrows another day, will let you know how I get on with the bottle brushes.
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