Monday, 5 March 2012

one day to go, have you made a comment?

Hi all
well you have one more day to comment, I will be doing the draw tomorrow, be lucky.

I had a great day yesterday and got lots done, I put the windows and door frame in, put on the roof, was lucky with the roof, I did not have to make to much adjustments, it fitted quite well, I ma now onto the attic space, I am going to make this the show room, as I did not have room to display the dog beds in the shop. I am nearly finished now. Just a few more bits to do to the outside, some labels to make and I need to find a name for my shop, any suggestions?

I also tackled some small projects that I had lying around.
I finished the pram, I was really impressed with the snakeskin paper I used to decorate the pram, it was alot easier than leather or material that I usually use, I have made a note to check out the paper in my local carft shop to see what they have, Trip to town coming up I think.

I had a sliegh bed, I had been looking at this for some time trying to decide what to do with it, so I repainted it, at first I did a pale blue, but did not like it, so i repainted it pink, then painted white over it and distressed, I then got some pretty pink paper I had, ( see paper fixation ) and covered the ends of the beds, I then made the covers and pillows, I hand sew everything and always make my beds so that the covers can be removed, for filling the pillows I use small railway ballast, my dad gave me it and it works really well for filling, this helps them to look more realistic I think.

I finished the pram, I made a matching basket to sit on the bottom of the pram and a little bag that hangs from the handle, thgen just added some baby bits.

So you can see I had a good day.

I still have to put the wood trim on, and the front door

nearly finished

my shabby chic bed

see the delicate white sheet

pram covered with snake skin paper

sorry picture not so good
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