Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Its here and the winner is

Hi all
Its here and the winner is ...................drum roll.............................

Dallydominis............. congratulations...........please can you email me your address so that I can post your prize,

Thank you to all of you who entered the draw, you send me some lovely comments.

I was thinking about my blog and how I came into minis and I realised that I have come a long way since I brought my first mini item, when I worked I never had time for a hobby, with work, home and family life was very full, and there was never any me time, then I had the accident and life seemed to come to a halt. I had to find something to do, then I discovered MINIS.
 I soon became obsessed with minis and started to buy things, after a while, I started to think maybe I could do that, so I started to create and the rest is history as they say. I did not know I could do what I do, it had taken a lot of practise, learning how to do things. I let my imagination go and disappear into  different world, so minis opened up another world and gave me back a purpose, a reason to get up and do something,
But they biggest thing miniatures gave me is Friends, we may not meet for coffee, but you are there, you give me encouragement, praise and words of wisdom,
so through my blog I thank you all very much for being my friend.

I did not get any minis done yesterday, I had a visitor and by the time she had gone it was time to become mum again.

Today I am visiting my friend, she has a dolls house and is closing soon, so hope to bag a bargain. my dad is coming over he is collecting some bits for me that I have brought from the local recycling shop, will put photos on tomorrow to show you my bargains.

I do hope later I will do something, I have put the windows in on my doggy project,  have painted the door, boring bits really.

as a treat for the rest of you here are some more printies, they are from my cd, Luna girl vintage, so only for personal use please.
and again congratulations DALLYDOMINIS.

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