Thursday, 13 September 2012

Its still working

Hi All
Yes its still working, I can still post photos, anyone else tried it?

 I continued on with my chalet,it takes a while building it, I did manage to get the sides and the back attached, I did not like the look of the inside, so I have lined the walls, well it would be cold where Santa lives so they would need insulation, that's my excuse. I did take some photos but all but one came out blurred and then my camera stopped, I needed to charge up the battery, so will take more today, have put 1 on so you can see the sides attached.

I am excited I got a new carpet cleaner yesterday, with having got 2 little dogs and the baby one a bit naughty, you know what I mean, I thought it would be a good idea, I was going to hire one, but it proves cheaper to buy one, my son will be cleaning carpets today, ( he don,t know yet, he is still in bed) that's another thing, when do they stop sleeping all day?

I must mention the weather, its cold, yes cold, last week we was boiling up in the 80's, and this week I am thinking of putting the heating on, what is going on? I suppose its not raining so that's a blessing.

better show you the photo

sides going on

this will be the front, leaving a space for the door and window
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