Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I done it

Hi All
Yes I done it, I found the way to put my pictures on my blog, its a long way round and a bit of a bother but after lots of playing around I did it, clever me, boasting I know, but after the headaches it gave me I think I am entitled to,
For those you have been having the same problem, this is how I did it.

on my Picasa photos I placed the photos I wanted in the try, clicked on share on google, clicked on reduce size, then upload, then on blog click on add pictures symbol and click on from Picasa web album, there are your pictures, click on the ones you want to add and there you are, told you it is a long way round.

At last I can show you pictures, I must admit it made me not feel like doing my blog as it seemed boring without a picture to show you, I did it, cannot help saying it I am so pleased. well enough about me and how clever I am,

I have been busy and have started a new project, I wanted to do a Christmas cabin, I looked at buying a cabin, but they are quite expensive so I looked around the Internet at pictures of cabins, I found one that someone had made for their children using lolly sticks, well I have lots of lolly sticks, so I drew my design and decided to make my own, i will put on the stages so you can see how I did it.

I have also been doing more bashing and changing some of my minis, slowly I am getting through my stash, there is still a long way to go.

Lets see the pictures, I just love saying that

getting ready for Christmas

shabby drawers

cute in pink

I am seeing seeing spots

Picture 1. this is the base of the cabin,  used a bit of foam board, as I had this lying around and it did not need cutting to size, it measured 11.5" x 8", the cabin will be 11.5" x 6" this leaves me a bit at the front for putting a Xmas tree and other bits.
Picture 2, shows the floor boards, again I had these, so no money spent yet, I laid these down, staggering them so thaey look like floor boards.
Picture 3, show the stain, I used a stain combined with varnish, saves time.
Today I hope to be doing the sides and start to construct the roof,
see you next time with, Yes I have got to say it PHOTOS!!!!
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