Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hi All
I got a lot done yesterday, no point in showing photo's, it's just paint drying. that's what seems to happen when you are constructing, you make a bit, paint it, wait for it to dry, add a bit, paint it , wait to dry, it goes on, I made one of the sides and windows, they are ready today for me to start putting together, so there will be photos tomorrow, I had to find something to do while I wait,

I told you that I had a pine wall unit, I am going to start preparing that for painting today,
I have just realised as I write this, more painting, the job I hate.

No news yet on Mini Jazzi, wonder where she is?  she is travelling to ??? will let you know when she arrives, it was  great idea from Jazzi, will be so excited when she comes to me, I will have to make her a friend, as I am sure she will want someone her size to talk to.

well of to paint!!!

this is the unit I am going to shabby chic,

picked this key cabinet up for 1.50, going to shabby chic it
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