Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hi All
I hope you all had a lovely Easter, mine was quiet, Sunday I sat and watched Dallas, love that programme, and had my dinner cooked for me, that was very nice.

I have been busy working on my shop, I have no photos for you, as I am just sanding, rubbing down, I do not know what paint was used to paint the outside of the shop, its a bugger to get off, they did not prime the wood, I always do that, as I feel it makes it easier for the paint to stick, and I also sand between coats, this shop looks like the paint was just thrown on, its been hard work, one of the windows is broken, have mended it but I need the inner bit, I am trying to get the hard bits done before my operation as I am aware that I will be a bit restricted, I have been told my rt arm will be out of action for a few weeks,

I have blocked off the gap where the stairs would go to the second floor, I am going to put in a false wall with a door to give the illusion of a staircase, I want to make full use of the ground floor, this is where the shop will be, and the living accommodation on the top, I will have to divide the attic space to make a bedroom and bathroom, the living space will be open plan, so modern.

I cannot decide what decoration I will be using for the walls or the floors, I am going to a dolls house fair Sunday, its in Kingslynn, its only a small one, but I hope to find what I need from there, if not I will have to look at ebay, I need hinges, screws, roofing tiles ect, plus I hope to find a replacement window.

Well this will not do, sitting here in my pjs, chatting to you, I will get nothing done, so going now and I hope tomorrow I will have some photos for you.

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