Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Still painting

Hi All
yes I am still painting, it did not make it dry any quicker letting you watch it dry,
I have managed to strip all the paint off the outside of the shop and I have now given it a paint wash of diluted emuslion, this will help either paint, paper or brick to adhere better.
I am doing the same to all of the inside tomorrow, I still cannot make my mind up what I am going to do with the out side, the inside will be painted in modern colours, so not going to bore you today with the photos of paint drying.

In between the painting I decided to transform a bedroom suite, I am again not sure if I will be using this in the flat above the shop.
I did forget to take a before photo, but it was dark brown, I have repainted it with a blue paint, then put white over the top and then distressed it, it has come out ok, I added some jewellery bits to it to give it a bit of character, I am using different shades and patterns of blue for the bedding and the chair.
The wardrobe has shelves so I will fill that with towels and some clothing, the dressing table will be dressed with perfumes ect, I like to make my miniatures look lived in.

I collected my injections yesterday, today I will be starting to give myself them, have got to do this for 5 days, operation creeping closer.
I decided that rather than moaning about not being able to do much I will spend the time reading all your blogs. indexing my magazines, see trying to be positive and have stuff to look forward to.

Dentist today, another thing I do not like doing,

Well I will leave you with the photos, and see you tomorrow

can you see the jewellery bits

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