Thursday, 12 April 2012

the frist one done

Hi All
yes the first injection is done, I am now on count down, 4 more to go, it will be easier now, she says with a smile on her face.The dentist visit went well, one filling and a clean up, I can cope with that.

Thank you for your lovely comments about my bed room set, and for sending me positive thoughts.

I sorted out my books yesterday, I cannot believe how many books on dolls houses, they include sewing, embroidery, making, decorating, shops the list goes on, I did try to thin them out I thought I do not need 74 books, Yes I said 74!! but I could not get rid of any of them, I use them so much, I have a lot of reference books, also books on dolls,  my favourite Queen Marys Dolls house and vintage dolls houses, I do look at them and read them, see I can find a reason for keeping every one. Please tell me there are others out there who loves books.

So what did I do yesterday, I finished the bedding for the bed, at first I thought using so many different blues (5 in total) would not work, but it does. I am pleased with the finished effect.

I also finished the dressing table, I made the perfume bottles and boxes, included a small photo frame, letters, scissors jewellery ( which I made) and a small book, I usually fill the drawers with bits, but the drawers are really tiny, so I have left them empty.

I will be making a hat box, a hat and maybe some items of clothing not sure yet, will see how I feel this morning.

I found some lovely pink fur trim in the local craft shop, will find a use for this, it does lend itself to being a ladies boa, I maybe can drape it over the chair, that's another item I need a chair for the dressing table,

Well my friends better get on, time is going fast and soon my rt arm will be out of action for a while and so much want to get this done, so here are the latest photos.

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