Saturday, 7 April 2012

Its happened again

Hi All
it has happened again, every time I turn on my blog I find another follower,I never stop being surprised that you all read my blog.  Thank you, enjoy my blog, send  comments.

Thank you for your best wishes for Easter/

To prove I have been busy I have took a photo to show you the paint drying, I thought maybe it will dry quicker if we all watch it!

I was going to start decorating the shop, but when I took a long look at it, I realised that I need to strip what I can and repaint the windows and the outside, who ever had this shop was not very careful when painting the windows, they had only painted one side, it had the wall paint painted to the side, basically it was a mess, so there was nothing I could do but to take everything off and start again, I did think of taking it completely to bits but they had used some sort of super glue to hold it together and it would of damaged it. So will manage with it as it is.

I did finish another cabinet, I made some objects to go in it, I used beads, finding and any bits I had, I decided this would be a cabinet for local artists to display their work, well I want the shop to be friendly and helpful to other struggling artists, plus there is the rent to consider. I also distressed a table, this was to display the lovely little dinner set I had got, it was to big for any of my units, so a table seemed the best idea.

As I make my projects I always have story in my head about it, my sons keep telling me to write them down, but I never do, maybe one day.

I had to show some photos of my doggies, they are so cute, and my puppy Muppet is still very small, we think she will be staying that small as she is now 9 months old.

getting a bit nervous now, my operation is just over a week away, not looking forward to it, my right arm will be out of use for a while, I do not know what I am going to do, having to sit and do nothing will drive me mad, I will have to find something I can do.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

please ignore the mess behind

paint drying

can you see how tiny Muppet is

this is where they love to sleep
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