Friday, 13 April 2012

Hi All

2 down 3 to go, I must admit the injections do not really hurt, its just the thought of doing it, the first one took ages, this one I just went for it. Well I am not going to dwell on it, there are other things I got up to yesterday.

I had decided to just make a corset to lie on the bed, but I got a bit carried away, I ended up making a blanket, dressing gown, knickers, a top and a corset. I blame the fabric, it is a lovely pink silk.

Th blanket is a peice of linen, I cut it to shape and blanket stitched all round the outside.

I have found a chair that I can use and today I will start to transform it to match the bed set.

My little shop keeps looking at me, but until I see whats on offer at the dolls house fair it can keep looking.

I belong to several groups on face book, they are all about miniatures and through them I have contact with a lovely bunch of people, we chat about minis, show off our minis and hopefully sell our minis, anyway when I go to the fair, I am going to meet one of the ladies I chat to, we have never met, but have been brought together through our love of creating miniatures, it will be lovely to put a face to a name.

So lets get on with the photos.

the back of the corset has tiny cross stitch along the back and a small bow, this is to represent the laces ate the back.

see the pink boa, this is just a trim, all I did is cut it to the size I wanted

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