Monday, 10 January 2011

thank goodness thats over

Good morning to you all

I did start the new year with such good intentions, projects, tutorials, healthy eating and exercise, and what happened THE FLU!!! there was me thinking I am ok,  just a little cold and I will still be able to do things, who was I kidding, apart from drinking and sleeping I could not do anything else, so in the end I gave in and stayed in bed letting it take over and here I am a week later recovering, still not 100% but getting there,
so today I will be starting something not sure what yet, I have got to do some curtains to go to my friends shop, as samples, make a few more objects for her as well, but I also want to start my own project, I have half started my Egyptian shop, made the ornaments ect, but need to decide what paper to use and I am still researching that, I also have a 2 storey dolls house that is in need of renovation, but I cannot decide what to do with it, and there is my big dolls house  a Victorian house, so you see I have enough to be going on with. oh forgot a room box which I am hoping to become a baby shop, just got to decide which one to do.
before I can start I will have to tidy my work room, it has got into a bit of  a state, messy and untidy, how is it you start off thinking I will ensure that I keep a tidy work place  and what happens suddenly you are surrounded by mess, I think the little people creep in and do it when I am not looking,
well enough rambling, house work to do first, then walk the dog, prepare dinner, then its my turn, oh for a cleaner, think I have asked for that before, well I can dream,
so and I mean it today will see you later in my work room
have a great day
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